If you prefer Pleasure over Pain – as Freud said, all
“normals” do.  There are two books you
should read this month.  The first is,
“Super Brain”, which posits that the old info about the brain cells dying off
as we age is not necessarily true.  We
can sharpen our brain (and add dendrites for new synapses) at any age.  Adventures of new experiences does this
growing beautifully.
Book number two is, “Proof of Heaven” by a neuro-surgeon who
, through a near death experience, changed his beliefs and erased his death
fears. Since fears of all sorts are the cause of most of the world’s ills, this
is a powerful message for all of us.
“Super Brain” inspired us to change the title of our
landmark seminar, “Influence with Integrity”. 
We’ve been using that title for 28 years, even though we’ve added a lot
of new insights, strategies and skills as the research on the brain
unfolded.  All the concepts of the seminar
are not new, but all are relatively unknown outside the 50,000 plus who have
attended the 3-day trainings.
If you haven’t signed up, you are missing out on some brain
commutations that your competitors may have already learned.  They will assist you in gaining what you want
out of life – today. If not we refund your tuition.
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