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Effective business communication between a company’s personnel and with its customers has never been more crucial. The success of team building, quality improvement, and customer service enhancement programs is almost entirely dependent on communication. 

The 3 Minute Steps to Influencing with Integrity app is designed to build skills that enable people to influence others during the communication process in ways that nurture relationships based on mutual agreement and trust. Training principles are derived from the fields of psychology, linguistics, and confluent learning. The focus is on interpersonal communication skills and relationships as they apply in the business environment. 

The flagship book for the app is Influencing with Integrity by Dr. Genie Z. Laborde. In the book, Dr. Laborde describes how Neuro-linguistic Programming can enhance our ability to communicate. 

What you will learn 
With this app, you will be able to: 

    • Understand how human beings process information and how it influences our thoughts and behavior. 
    • Read other people’s subtle nonverbal cues to better understand and influence their behavior.
    • Recognize through observations of others when rapport has been established. 
    • Use advanced techniques to establish and maintain rapport. 
    • Dovetail your outcome with others to create win-win situations.
    • Use “anchors” during presentations to better ensure recall of important ideas or issues.
    • Break old habits during the communication process to increase options and flexibility. 
    • Use stimulus-response to enter a resourceful “State of Excellence.”