For the last few weeks, I grab the newspaper each morning to see the latest drama unfold. I find I hold my breath until the headline is completed. Why don’t I check my computer news? I prefer the newspaper..this gives away my age, I guess.

I want to help all those protesters who are willing to die for democracy. But I am not much of a joiner, and I do not hold an exalted position in government. Then a principle of physics suddenly popped into my mind. Along with Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious. If a butterfly in Alaska affects the South American rain forest, and all of us are part of the collective unconscious, all I have to do is remember to send my “wish for success” thoughts to the protesters whenever this comes to mind.

After thinking this over, I got the idea that my behavior every day affects the power of this delivery, so I reminded myself to honor each person I meet all day every day. It seems clear to me that being respectful to each and every human being in my life will enhance the delivery of my “success” message to the protesters.
Maybe this is carrying physics and Carl Jung too far, but I don’t think so. I am doing it. I have been doing this for weeks, without being aware that it would do any good. But something is working. This entire scenario is close to a miracle. Join me?