In reading the NLP entries in the Wikipedia, I am reminded of sword fights in the movies– swish, whack, thrust. There are those who claim it is remarkable, even miraculous and those who claim it’s bogus and even evil. Those are belief systems bumping up against either other and making rude sounds. Reminds me of the time I wrote a chapter in “Fine Tune Your Brain” on what seemed to be occuring in the brain when I helped people make changes in their behaviors. I had taken a course on the brain, done lots of reading and watched people carefully when doing the interventions. I was leaving for South Africa to conduct several seminars there and the book was scheduled to go to press as soon as I departed. My husband insisted that I could not print the book without an authority reading the chapter on the brain. I sent it to 2 professors of Neurology at Stanford University. One was on leave and the other was upset by the hypotheses in the chapter. He said that not only was the information incorrect but it would mislead thousands of people and do them great harm because of its bogus position. I literally stopped the presses, and held up the printing until I could return and obtain more expert opinions. I’ll finish the story tomorrow.