This reminds me of starting the VAK newsletter so that lots of people could share information about NLP. At that point i was intoxicated with the potential of the NLP strategies. Since then, I’ve become somewhat disillusioned, or maybe I just sobered up to the fact that people change slowly…..or not at all. Actually, I have seen some miracles from learning NLP. One happened just two weeks ago, so I guess I still get tipsy now and then on the potential.

Since we have trainers and participants from all over the globe, this seems to be a simple way for us to communicate. I plan to check out the blog once a day and we’ll see what turns up. If you’d like to read about miracles and NLP, go to our web site and dig around. There’s an article there about three miracles at IBM, each generated by the Neuro-Linguistic skills. I’ve forgotten which tab it’s under (the site is so big), but there’s lots of interesting stuff. Research, etc.

Also you might want to view our video on Google’s video site. It’s listed under “Influencing with Integrity skills” It’s 7 minutes and worth your time.