Near the front page of the New York Times today were two stories about CEOs going to jail. In the first one, a Japanese judge is allowing the CEO to continue in his job until the appeal is complete. How about that? In the second story, it’s an Energy company’s CEO who is off on a forced vacation behind bars. My response to both of these news stories was ho-hum, so what else is new? In fact, I am bored with reading about all the people who have not learned that you do not need to cheat to succeed. It’s so obvious that if you have the skill of setting up win-wins in all your agreements, that success will come and you won’t have to wear stripes. The energy and committment of two parties who have communicated ways to gain their respective outcomes by working together (it’s named synergy) create a force much greater than the down swirl of energy that occurs when you lie, cheat or steal. The skills to set up rapport, find out the other party’s outcome, and align it with your goal can be properly learned in three days. You can even have fun while you are learning the 120 skills we make obvious. Three days is much shorter than four years incarcerated at government expense. It’s so hard to find a job after!