One of my favorite quotes is “Truth is an energy”. Now I’ve forgotten where I first read this. It has become a part of my belief system. Because I wrote a book called “Influencing with Integrity”, I attract a lot of people with this kind of energy. This is lucky for me, because I function best in that kind of space.

Another strange belief I have is that people lie because of fear and ignorance. The more people skills you have, the less need you have to lie and the easier it is to be truthful, honest, and straight-forward. Transparent, if you will. If you feel safe and competent, the truth just plain feels better in your body. This, your wife seems to know.

My blog has not attracted many comments which makes your’s especially appreciated. If you would like to check out whether Negotiation Skills improve your transparency, join us for a three day seminar March 25-27. Bring your wife? I will extend two scholarships to you. (Value $2800.00) You might want to look over our web site which lists our clients. These include IBM, Chase Bank, Dell, AT&T, HP, Intel, Wells Fargo, SBC, and about 75 other corporations.

During the seminar, if you come, I will tell you the story of the time I hired a crook as a Sales Manager. He was the slickest con artist you have ever encountered, and what confused me was that he had very high energy. He also lied when the truth would have worked better. He lost two of our major clients with the lying. Of course. Truth makes money. Lying loses money. I had always thought you had to be honest to have that kind of high energy. I think his energy secret was that he loved deceiving others,. This gave him a sense of superiority that fueled his enthusiasm. This experience taught me a lot about con artists, but did not help the bottom line of my corporation. It was an expensive lesson.

I’ve been training corporate America for 25 years, and find that most people prefer the truth. Both telling and hearing it. See you March 25? thanks again, Genie