As a psychologist I know  about the brain damage that occurs in trauma.  It is traumatic to a baby, toddler, child, even a teenager to be separated from their family.   As a Mother of six, I also know about the trauma of a Mother separated from her children.  When I went to the hospital to deliver my second child, I mourned the absence of my first one for the three days I was there,  and cried when I saw him out the window of the hospital.  I almost never cry, since my father taught me crying  was “sissy”,   but I felt  so relieved to see my toddler, even at a distance.  The hospital authorities did not allow children to visit the recent mothers, so  we waved at each other, and a day later they let me out to go home.  I do not want to imagine the pain of learning I would not see him for months or maybe, never,  if the paper work is misfiled. 
Childhood traumas are acted out in the adult lives of those mistreated, abused, neglected.  Putting kids in cages is barbaric.