Yesterday I looked up NLP on the net and found almost a million entries. One of them was written by a skeptic who believes the NLP claims are bogus because he hasn’t found any scientific evidence ( with double blind safeguards) that the techniques do what the practioners say they will. This article led me to Wikipedia which in the scientific review section says that no neuroscientist has published verification of the NLP claims. Well, they just didn’t read “Fine Tune Your Brain” because there is an entire page of very small type written by Issy Katzeff, M. D., Senior Lecturer of Physiology, Department of Medical Physiology, Witwatersrand University Medical School, Parktown, South Africa and consultant to the South Africa Brain Research Institute. Dr. Katzeff is not only a brain researcher, but he also had been trained in NLP and was enthusiastic about their efficacy. Now, he didn’t say all the hype that is on the net about NLP is true. He wrote of specific interventions that I had discussed in the book. He agreed these were powerful. He explians why they work. If you read about the miracles listed on our web site, you might want to keep an open mind….both about miracles and about NLP.

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