One important behavior you could adopt without much effort is to balance your Right and Left Brains. Our culture admires logic, analysis, looking to the past to predict the future to such an extent that our entire culture leans to the use of the Left Brain and forgets to use all the treasures in the Pandora’s box of the Right Brain.  Recent  insights into the peace, bliss, joy, and love of the Right Brain have alerted us to the possibility of tapping these for our daily use.  Creative people have talents that most of us admire, and by using our own Right Brains along with our Left, we can become more creative, peaceful, full of joy, and operate with more empathy for others.    

To my mind, this information should change the world overnight, but few believe this. However, the potential is certainly there. Hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, creative problem solving, abrupt emotional shifts, and even, hands on healing are all simply skills or attributes of your very own Right Brain.

There is no fear in the Right Brain. The Left Brain is designed to keep you safe so is full of fear. Being in the NOW is the key to using the Right Brain. The simplest and easiest to execute move is focusing on your body; however, simply looking at the world around you also brings you to the present.

Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroanatomist, states that 91% are Left Brain dominate, so there is a large audience for this information.

I have used this to stop a child from pulling out her hair (a 12 inch circle of bald spot on the top of her head showed how good she was at this.) Fear and tension were the causes of the hair pulling. I have taught this to more than 100 people and they all say it works, but they forget to use it. One smoker has pretty much stopped by switching brains, though she says smoking no longer interests her, she still lights up now and then. She says she is an obsessive type, and that explains her inability to totally stop.

My theory on smoking is that most people smoke to stop negative feelings. Negative feelings are usually based on fear, so by removing the fear, the whole process could be stopped. I may be right and I may be wrong. The jury is still out.

Conflicts and wars come from fear, so if everyone used their Right Brain as much as their Left, we could cut back on these. Maybe?

I have taught hypno-therapy, gestalt psychology, hands-on-healing, NLP, meditation, and it was a shock for me to discover that each one was dependent on the ability to switch brains from the Linear Left Brain computation to the Collage-based Right Brain computation. Anyone can do it.

The experience of Jill Taylor when she had her Left Brain stroke is the basis of this information. The implications are still unfolding. Thanks for listening. Regards, Genie

Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.