According to the Wikipedia, research on the value and validity of Neuro Linguitic Programming is non-existant. Just shows you that there’s still some information available that the majority of people do not know about. When I took my first seminar in NLP, must have been about 1980, I knew immediately that research was needed. Maybe this was because I had just completed a complicated research project for my doctoral degree, and I had research on my mind. Whatever, a few months later, I asked John Grinder if he’d like to help me conduct a study. He said, “That’s not necessary. We know it works.” That’s a paraphrase, not his exact words, but that was his meaning. Basically, that’s been the party line all along. We see it do it’s magic. Why prove it with lots of paper and statistics. But I couldn’t resist. I conducted some studies. At Sprint, 7-11, Nissan. Dell, ATT, ITT Intel, etc.. IBM, SBC, Sprint, Chase Bank conducted thier own studies. These clients conducted their own studies without my knowledge. When we reached 27 in number, I put them together in a book. I think we’ll make an e book of it shortly. The pages were on a Apple and it’s so old we don’t know how to convert the material to our present computers. If you’d like to see a book or an e book, let us know.