On July 10, classes with an emphasis on practicing new skills with other people will begin at the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara. Class time 6:30 to 8:00pm. You do not have to be a member of the club to attend. IDEA’s subsiduary company, 2 in sync will be conducting these trainings for one and one half hours for six weeks. Supplemental e learning will be available for all participants.

The skills that will be taught include: 1. Knowing your Perceptual Preference 2. Recognizing the Perceptual Preference of Your Partner 3. Setting Your Outcome and Discovering the Other’ s 4. Deletion, Distortion and Generalization as Filters On Your World Views 5. See More, Hear More 6. Rapport Skills 7. Flow States for Relationships.

The number and quality of your relationships affect your health in direct and indirect ways. People with a large number of satisfying relationships live longer and stay healthier than those with none or few. Studies at several Universities shed surprising information about the correlation between health and relaltionships. Come to our classes to improve your skills.