Cradling her third PH.D
sloshed over the brim with skill
The over-educated Genie
Thought, “I’ll spread these, I will!”
We’ll change the world, one by one
Just with communication
Skills that influence, but not coerce,
Will prompt each to say, “I won.”
If she could teach each to talk,
Instead of pulling out guns to shoot,
And creative thinking
Rapport, listening, to boot.
She knew these worked, tried them all
Gestalt, Linguistics, and Zen
Sprinklings of cybernetics
All mixed to create win-wins.
Skills learned from her PH.D.
Seemed near magical when used;
Calmed anger, increased energy
Mutual agreements wooed.
It was a silly idea
Impossible, she well knew.
There was no web. What to do?
Change the world? She’s 5′ 2.
She hung out a shingle
then told a few friends.
Amazing! Within 3 months
She was teaching the UN
After three fine sessions there
She realized business
Drove politics so she switched
Dell, American Express.
Chase Bank, IBM, HP
Sprint, Chevron, AT&T
Vanderbilt, Harvard Med
Wells Fargo and SBC
Estee Lauder, Frito Lay
Intel, Dow Jones,
Bell South and RIT
Citibank, Nissan, Allstate
Wang, General Dynamics
Sandia Labs, Continental
Coca-Cola, Data Quest
Teepak, United Defense
Pulte Homes, M&M Mars
Gulfstream and JC Penny
Eastman Kodak and Ford cars
Price Waterhouse and ARCO
Bulova, ATEX, Crowley
Century 21 and
Marshall Fields Co. for you see
These skills affect the bottom
Line; business profits soared.
Research proved skills equal profits
Figures could not be ignored
Genie flew to Novasibirsk
The Russians were enthralled
She trained Norwegians, Africans
Mexicans; Genie had a ball.
Taiwanese, Indonesians
Were taught by trainers witty
Genie taught in Holland, Belgium,
France, Johannesburg, Sun City.
Genie’s book was translated,
Eight different languages
You might laugh to see her art
In the Japanese pages.
You would think with all of this her
Mission was accomplished
No! People are still killing
So she still kept her wish.
To change the world one by one
Just with communication
Skills that influence but do not coerce
Will prompt each to say, “I won.”
Then 5 years ago, fear returned
To the training Departments
Training contracts disappeared
Fears from 9/11 made a dent.
Genie remembered her plan
to change the world one by one
She looked at the world wide web
And then thought, “This will be fun!”
To teach skills that work
Is a worth while endeavor
My 200 trainers may
Not be enough; we’ll add more.
The 50,000 we’ve trained
Are, without a doubt, a good start
The world is waiting on the web
As long as we don’t lose heart.