It seems to me that I save
a lot of mental energy by my resolution long ago to stay out of jail.  The laws of our country are fairly easy to
follow, so most of the time I drive only slightly above the posted speed limit,
I somehow keep enough money available so that robbing banks is not high on my
list of next steps, and I do not own a gun. 
The advantages of being a citizen of the US yet free to
move about are obvious enough that I do not think I actually understand the
criminal way of making decisions. 
A friend of mine has a
brother in jail, and she explained that he thought he was smarter than the cops,
and that was his un-doing.  One of my
former students is in jail, and I cannot imagine what he was thinking to end up
there.  He is talented, knowledgeable,
healthy, and intelligent.  Why on earth
would he risk it?
The French Developmental
Psychologist and author, Jean Paiget, “The Psychology of Intelligence” states
that intelligence results from the number of options you can imagine before you
make a decision.  Once you have enough
good options, then anyone, even dumb people, can select the best.  Finding those options, he believes, is the
key to your intelligence.   With this in
mind, maybe Gupta’s problem was that he did not check out Google sites for job
openings or executive recruiters.
In my understanding, the
question, “Where Art Thou?” is designed to line up your physical, mental,
emotional selves with your 
higher/spiritual self so that all of your various sub-parts are headed in
the same  direction. This alignment adds
up to congruence and your actions are more
In fact, my experience with
serendipity or luck is that both  follow
this congruence of action  so closely
that congruent folks begin to expect luck to happen.  We find it hard to believe that anyone who
has experienced this  congruent/luck
would try to take action without it. 
That Federal Prosecutors would check and align his phone calls with Mr.
Rajaratnam’s purchases of stock probably never occurred to Mr. Gupta.  I mean, that’s really bad luck. 
“Where art Thou?” could
have sparked  fifty other options for
income, friendly chatter, and a sense of personal power.  Many of these
options had serendipity and luck  built
in for the future.  Keep in mind that options in behaviors can increase the number of 
your intelligent decisions, and that people who place money in your hands
expect you to be honest, if not always squeakily congruent.