Since most relaltionship problems are caused by mis-communication and a great many business problems result from old habits in communication, I’ve thought of a way to spread the skills of Influencing with Integrity in a wide swath around the globe. Our e learning is so effective that if you will view three minutes of video a day then practice the simple assignment given for that day, in three months you could earn a Communication Coach Certificate. As you practice your insights with your friends and family, you will probably find they come to you more and more often for problem solving of all sorts. Communication skills and strategies do solve many types of mis-understandings. As your reputation grows, you could gradually become a skillful, sought after, Communication Coach. Our blogs and web-sites will collect names of those seeking creative solutions to conflicts, communication mishaps and even business problems, when relationship based. Most business problems are relationship based, of course. CYA, turf wars, team dysfunction, back-stabbing, etc. Having advanced communication skills will give you the edge you need to create long-lasting friends, better relationshipps with your family, and even with your boss. Clients will be delighted to find you.

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