I have been attempting to help people stop smoking, improve confidence, be excellent for 31 years, and know for sure that anxiety and fear are the usual blocks to changing emotions and behaviors.  When I read Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, “My Stroke of Insight”, suddenly I realized that her description of being totally in her Right Brain functioning for 4 hours meant that Fear was not present during that time.  So I wondered if switching brains from Left to Right would block fear.  I tried the intervention on my weekly video cast and it was 100% successfull.  So the next week I tried it again. By now about 50 people had tried switching brains to erase fear, and it always worked.  Finally one person said, “I can still feel a little anxiety, but it is much less.”   You need one exception to be sure the rest  of the reports are correct. 

When your attention is in the present moment, the NOW, you are in your Right Brain.  So for this intervention I ask that you stay in the present moment for 90 seconds, since that is the time that Dr. Taylor writes that old emotions will “drain out”.  Once your old fears have drained out, then you are calm, collected, peaceful, even in some cases, euphoric. 

Dr. Taylor, a neuroanatomist,  was conducting brain research at Harvard University when she woke up one mroning with a stroke in her Left Brain.  She waited 4 hours to call for help because she felt so joyful, was fascinated with her experience, and felt no fear. 

Here are the quotes from Dr. Taylor’s book that lead tme to test this idea of erasing anxiety by switching brains. 

p.41 “I met a growing sense of

p.41 “blanket of tranquil

p. 41. “the portion of my brain that
registered fear, my amygdale, had not reacted with alarm”

p. 41. “comforted by an expanding sense of

p. 41. “my consciousness soared into an
all-knowingness, a ‘being at one ‘ with the universe”

p. 42 “sensed the composition of my being as
that of a fluid rather than that of a solid….I now blended in with the space
and flow around me.”

p. 43 “my memories of the past and my dreams
of the future evaporated ” (She could only compute now)

p. 43 “as my consciousness slipped into a
state of peaceful grace, I felt ethereal.”

p. 44. “Oh my gosh, I’m having a stroke, and
in the next instance, ‘Wow. This is so cool!’ “

At this point, only her Right Brain was
fully operational, and while she knew she was in danger of losing her life,
there was no fear. 
I have a theory that the unconscious is the
product of the Right Brain. One way to think of this, that works well for me, is
that the sub-conscious is made up of information such as our telephone number
and house address, nearby and available when we need them, but not in use at
every moment. Then the unconscious is the end result/conclusions of our
Right Brain impressions.

I just checked out my theory on Right Brain access
as a way to interrupt a well-seated pattern, and once again it worked. The
stability of negative patterns seems to rest on anxiety. Erase anxiety and its
role in the pattern, then the pattern becomes somewhat fragile and open for
change. I tried this with a smoker, who was ambivalent about quiting.  She knew she should, but, she had smoked for 30 years. She did not immediately quit, but within a few months, she stopped completely. 

Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.