If you are in business you probably have been told that you must “market and sell on the internet”. 

This is easier said than done.  I was told that I must have a web “presence”  by the experts. 
So we 1. Hired a film maker to produce short videos for You Tube;
2. I wrote blogs galore;
3. Joined 40 + discussion groups on LinkedIn;
4.  Got accepted  for a biography by Wikipedia;
5. Have 150,000+ notations under my name on Google;
6. Wrote free articles for WIP;
7. Negotiated a Mobile App;
8.Conducted one hour free video interactive presentations on difficult and powerful people skills, almost every Wednesday,  for almost three  years;
9. Received an e mail  from a  Russian V.C. saying my quick intervention on fear of flying had been a life changing experience for her;
10. Received hundreds of thank-you e mails for the free video casts;
11.  Gathered 435 people in my professional group on LinkedIn, and  224  Friends on Facebook; 
12.  Attracted 33,000 people to watch one free video.

Today we  were notified that we have a  $17.00 credit from You tube.  When  the royalty sum  reaches $100.00 we will get a check. 

On Saturday, I attended a 12 hour workshop, called a “Do-A-Thon” where the keynote speaker said, “It is very difficult to switch from free to paying with  money on the internet.”  Did you know that? Nobody told me that.  We’ve given away hundreds of thousands of dollars of free and valuable education.   Our plan was to charge money for the more advanced skills.  Our plan has a glitch. 

This week-end I collected seven $1.00 bills from seven participants in the “Do-A-Thon workshop” for a 90 second  brain intervention I taught live.  Our team collected another $1.00 bill from a stranger on the street for the same bit of  user friendly brain instruction. There’s a message in there somewhere.  Could it be that education works best live?  Or that $1.00 is a good price for 90 seconds of life-changing instruction?  Or is it that if you give thinking skills away free, there is little or no incentive to buy more advanced skills  later?