Fear is the hidden bandit behind the present economic crisis. If most of us were not walking around apprehensive about the financial situation then business could return to normal and we could get on with our lives. This kind of nagging fear saps our energy, stunts our creativity, and stops us from taking even small risks.

There is no fear in your Right Brain so if you check out your fear by subjecting it to Right Brain scrutiny, it shrinks.

You can shrink fear right out of existence by using the awareness of fear as a trigger to turn the Right Brain on.


1. Awareness of fear: look it over carefully
2. Look around you and notice three objects, in succession
3. Check out three separate body sensations
4. View the fear again. Note the shrinkage.

If you teach this intervention named Genie’s Magic Lamp
to 5 people and ask them to teach it to 5 more people, we could solve the financial crisis within four weeks.