Being a psychologist and an educator with 40 years experience I can with confidence tell you that the way most people learn new behaviors is by watching and listening to the words and actions of successful people.  Our natural resistance to change fades in view of  the proof of the other’s success.  This natural attribute found in all of us is what makes Mr. Trump’s behaviors, spread across the front page of  our daily news, so serious.  The impact of him as a role model of lying, cheating, stealing,  using his  political decisions to enrich is own bank account is chilling.

He has to be stopped and  soon.   Impeachment?

The Qatar scenario is the last unethical behavior we should assist as a nation.  The now we’re friends, now we’re enemies, now we’re friends on the world political scene, tied to a mortgage owned by  Mr. Trumps son-in-law’s family is just too obvious to be ignored.