The Teleseminar was such fun that I did two of them close together. The expert said to promote the teleseminar for six months before holding it, but I gave my e mail list a weeks’ notice and had a good turnout. I thought I would outline 6 strategies for difficult people, but the list grew to 14 strategies in no time. Some of these strategies are easy and some are difficult, but each one is designed for a specific response on the part of the difficult person. The other benefit from these strategies is that they allow you to try out some new behaviors to find out which ones you like and which ones you will never try again. How will you know unless you try the strategy, at least once? Here are the first five strategies to test out on the difficult people in your life. 1. Cross out and replace JUDGMENT with CURIOUSITY. this changes the energy. 2. “Tell me more!” Each of us has something special. Look for this. 3. “That reminds me of a story….” 4. Select a lovely memory then in your imagination place the difficult person in the mind’s eye picture. Notice what happens. 5. Swirl eyes. Make lazy 8’s with your eyes as if you are following an infinity curve. Try these strategies and see how they work. I’ll give you the other 9 later.