On June 1, a Korean TV crew arrived in Palo Alto to shoot a one hour documentary on Flow Energy in Business. SBS Broadcasting covers news in Europe and Asia. This dociumentary is similar to and a local version of “60 Minutes.” Since Flow is one of my favorite subjects, I filled out their shooting schedule with lots of my Board Members and supporters who expereince these Flow states as part of their business day. About 10 of these people sat on a panel in the IDEA board room and discussed their personal experiences with the Flow State. The camera man was busy catching all the comments. Then I demonstrated to the Producer and the Local Coordinator for SBS how to enter this peak performance state by using three VAK triggers. Fast shift. These demos were filmed and the Producer plans to use these in the documentary. I also made arrangement for the TV crew to film Bob Pearson in Washington DC who is a former Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador. He attended a recent seminar and spends a good bit of time in the Flow state. The documentary will be shown in Korea on June 24. We have been promised DVD copies. Flow may be the Flavor of the Summer. I hope so.