A most important item turned up during the video cast on this subject: the idea that you can use these on yourself as well as on others.1. Remember, this is their movie
2. “You Are Not the Target” A great book that illuminates this idea 3. Similiar emotional experiences are stored in the brain near each other. A similar emotion will trigger the past experiences so the present becomes the sum of the past. 4. Become a mirror of the other (“I can see you are upset. Want to talk about it?”) 5. Ask for information 6. If they say “No”, you can change the subject or exit 7. If they want to talk about what is going on with them, line your body up next to theirs and put the problem out in front of you so you can work on the problem together.8. Magic phrase: “Tell me more.”9. Listen and watch for patterns 10. Breathe with their speaking rhythm 11. Are they VA or K? 12.”What do you want now?”13, As if……14. The big toe move. 15. Buy “103 Ways To Tap Your Right Brain”.