This account is from someone I have never met, who has read “Influenncing with Integrity” and has been in internet contact with me.  The account is writtten by a Corporate Manager  about his grand-daughter who is having behavioral problems.

I followed your script as closely as I could.

First, we had a session together at the nearby mall where I bought her a book I promised she could have, which she picked out and I approved. On the way back  I told her that I am learning about how the brain works and that I had learned the brain has two parts. When I told her that the right brain helps us be creative with music, art, etc. and helps us be happy, her interest picked up, and she said she was interested in learning how the right brain can be used.

In a quiet, undisturbed room, I led her through the “big toe exercise” you described. Being mindful that at least 90 seconds are needed, I extended the exercise to almost three minutes. At the end, I asked how she felt. She replied “different,” so I asked “How different?” She said she felt calm and relaxed but that her brain was tingling. I asked whether it was the whole brain or just one side, and she relied “the left brain.” I asked about other sensory differences (in 10-year old language as best I could), but she replied that she had feelings but couldn’t describe them. Finally, she said, “I feel like a different person.”

I invited her to practice on herself to strengthen her skill, but she demurred, and I didn’t pursue. Then, I told her the right brain has no fear and that the exercise will also help her whenever she’s feeling frightened or worried about something. She expressed interest in a nonverbal way. Then she snuggled up to me for a while on the sofa where I was sitting.

While my son and she were leaving to drive back to their home, I reminded her that the “big toe exercise” was always available to help her be creative or deal with a worry or scary situation, and she nodded affirmatively. During the interlude between the exercise and the leaving, she seemed to be very calm, but I might be projecting what I wanted to observe.

Genie, thanks ever so much for your kind, generous help!!!