Spellbinding: Skills for Relationships (1 Day Seminar)

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 Many of us are attracted to relationships
even when we are suffering through them.
With the new awareness skills taught in this seminar,
the pain can be erased and the joys of interacting will increase!

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Boost your relationships at home and work!
Join us in this fun, educational experience of a life-time.

 Luck, chance, or chemistry may begin relationships,
but communication decides whether the initial encounter turns into a mutually satisfying present and future
…and whether the relationship continues to nurture you both.

The skills, strategies and mental gymnastics of “Spellbinding” only seem like magic until you know how to use them. You will benefit as your new skills become as natural as breathing, and your interactions will flower. Human beings enjoy connecting, and our ignorance of how to achieve this creates problems that can only be solved with knowledge.

Your perceptions at each moment combine with your past patterns, and consequently, your decisions are often based on old dysfunctional beliefs. Becoming aware of these past and often buried beliefs can alter your decisions and actions in a positive way.

Uncover new insights about yourself while being guided to understanding others in a positive manner.

Well-designed role-plays with new ways of interacting can improve each and every relationship in your life. This one-day workshop provides simple but elegant communication skills everyone can use to start off a new encounter and to solve glitches in on-going interactions. The concepts and skills presented utilize the latest in Right Brain insights combined with the principles of Gestalt Psychology, Linguistics, and Cybernetics.

Grow your brain… learn… while having fun!

This seminar is segmented into the following sections:

Module 1: Perceptual Awareness in Creating Relationships

You will learn whether you are a Visual, an Auditory, or a Kinesthetic, why this is important, and how to create connections.

Module 2: Visible signs of Invisible Processes

Insights into the thinking processes of your communication partner are the results of these role plays.

Module 3: Outcomes in Relationships

Becoming clear about your own preferences and how to select and work with your partner will be presented.

Module 4: Maps of Reality

Our differences in opinions and different experiences create conflicts which can be resolved..with skills.

All of our products are guaranteed! If these skills do not work for you, tell us and we will refund your tuition 100%.

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