Influencing with Integrity: Management Skills for Communication & Negotiation Excellence

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In his Preface to Influencing with Integrity John Grinder said, “Dr. Laborde is, without doubt, one of the most skillful, articulate, and successful presenters of the models that have been developed through the NLP process. She employs a powerful and unique set of metaphors in her consulting, her trainings, and here in the book.”

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  • See more! Hear more! Feel more! You’ll know, quickly and accurately, how someone is responding to what you’re communicating. And you’ll understand the other person’s nonverbal signals. 
  • Achieve Immediate Rapport! You’ll learn the four specific skills that earn you the attention, acceptance, and trust of another person. 
  • Upgrade Your Probing Skills! You’ll learn how to ask the “super questions” that provide you with high quality information. 
  • Learn Powerful Verbal Patterns! You’ll learn the powerful skill sets that master communicators already know, skills that could make the difference between success and failure in both your career and personal life. 
  • Enhance Your Nonverbal Skills! Now you’ll know specific ways to add to the effectiveness of your message.


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