Spellbinding: Skills for Relationships (Ebook)

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Each of us is different yet relationships continue to attract us, even when we are suffering through them.
Your pain can be erased and the joys of interacting will increase by implementing the skills taught in this book

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This e-book presents simple but also powerful communication skills to start new encounters with on a positive basis. Learn to significantly improve relationships with loved ones, friends and associates.

The concepts and skills presented utilize the latest and virtually unknown discoveries in the field of human communication and relationship enrichment.

Luck, Chance or Chemistry may begin relationships, but communication decides whether the initial encounter turns into a mutually satisfying encounter. . . and whether the relationship continues to nurture both parties – or not.

The skills, strategies and mental gymnastics of “Spellbinding” only seem like magic until you know how to use them…then they become as natural as breathing, and your interactions will flourish!


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