Fine Tune Your Brain

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In this exciting book Genie Z. Laborde explains how our brains learn, how they are patterned, and how we can pattern them to take advantage of all the positive resources we have accumulated in our lives. 

Specifically, she shows us how to:

  • DOVETAIL: go beyond compromises to make sure all parties are satisfied that the best possible deal has been made!
  • USE ANTIDOTES TO COUNTERACT NEGATIVE COMMUNICATION PATTERNS such as “one-upsmanship”, blaming, complaining, guilt,and apologizing:before they drain your energy!
  • CONSTRUCT POWERFUL METAPHORS TO ENHANCE COMMUNICATION on both the conscious and unconscious levels!
  • CHANGE UNWANTED HABITS OR BEHAVIORS using a seven-step process that really works.
  • CHANGE YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY and edit your unhappy memories when they are negatively coloring your life.  

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