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Volume 2, Number 5 The VAK, est. 1982 2006
Do Your Best On A Test Leadership Skills for a Crisis
Chapter 1

TIME. TIME. TIME is the main problem. Or rather, lack of time. Too little time to plan, to decide, to execute the plan.

Your usual coping strategies, even your best ones, may not work in a crisis. New strategies for gathering information, judging its usefulness, and deciding on the best option are absolutely necessary.

You've probably never faced a situation like this. That's why it's a "CRISIS". Otherwise, it would be a problem or a challenge, but not a crisis. For a problem or a challenge, you have a set of learned behaviors, such as 1. gather the facts, 2. consider options, 3. choose the best, then 4. act. There is no need to be fast thinking, no time restriction.

In a crisis, you need perceptual skills of a different order. You must be quick to look, listen, feel, and smell to gather the pertinent information for survival. In our culture, we've seldom had to do this. Maybe never before.

Some practice helps.

Once you've gathered the danger information, the exit information, the key pieces of the environmental data, you must quickly choose the best option, one you've never tried before, and then do it.

Our habits, our usual mental patterns, probably won't work here. You can't take the elevator, and which stairs, up or down? Maybe the only exits are windows. Do they open? If not, how do you break the glass? What floor are you on? How high up are you? A million questions to answer with your perceptions and only a few moments to find the best answers.

How do you prepare for a crisis?

Here are some suggestions to lay down some synapses in your memory so if the real thing happens, you will have rehearsed for faster, better decisions.

Decision Making in a Life and Death Situation

The first mistake you may make is the result of the way the brain processes your perceptions. The brain's first response is, of course, fight or flight or freeze. For all of these responses the brain first activates patterns you've already used. This may evoke the worst possible response.

Instead of falling into a habitual pattern, you probably need to become creative. Non-survivors of Hurricane Katrina barricaded their doors and drowned when the first wave hit.

The survivors used their doors as rafts to float out. Creative thinking.

If you only see one option to the crisis, take a moment to find two more, then select the best. And be creative while thinking up options. Creative thinking, here, simply means to find new uses or solutions for available objects or situations. <more>

June Influencing with Integrity
June Influencing with Integrity Seminar
Participants from ROMANIA, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, 3M, GOOGLE, plus a Native American Healer, a retired judge, a computer whiz and a natural plant herbalist all add international/occupational flavor to the June seminar of Influencing with Integrity. The three-day seminar was punctuated with pizza on the patio at Genie's and ended with dinner at GOOGLE. Many of the participants are now
proceding with the internet video learning for 90 days.
15 participants practicing
10 restaurants savoring
7 clients a calling
4 historial tourings
3 days seminaring
2 individual coachings
1 home dining
1 park walking
to view a partridge in a peach tree.
Conducted by Jon Hill, Eddie Reynolds, Alice Treutlien, and Genie

Eddie Reynolds
Seven sales presentations ( all arranged by Jon Hill and his extraordinary network)
One to Columbus State University (Selling with Integrity scheduled for Jan. 2007)
One to Columbus Technical College (Negotiating still, Looking good for the e learning)
One to the Georgia State Marshall's office (Looking for grants for law enforvcement and security)
One to an Insurance company ( We need more insider contacts)
One to Phil Losonsky's restaurants for employees (Looking for grants)
One to The Insurance Sales School (On-going "Selling Insurance with Integrity" trainings coming up soon)
One to Science Applications International Corporation (Global Possibilities)
Quote of the Year
Those of us who fail to recognize that there is no difference between the seemingly different levels of existence—physical reality, inside-the-self intrapsychic reality, interpersonal reality, social reality, and so on—are doomed to go through life in constant and wasteful conflict with ourselves and with the world. Reality is a unity with different views or angles glimpsed though different peepholes of the perceptual mind.
Joseph Downing,MD

"Dreams and Nightmares"

Influencing with Integrity and other IDEA courses have been Registered with the State of California as Short-Term Seminars for Post Secondary Education by the Department of Education of the State of California.


The VAK is celebrating it's 24th birthday this year. We are contemplating a compilation of all issues. Would you be interested in seeing this? Twenty four years of the developing discipline, NLP, as it unfolded? Let us know?

Insurance Agent Closes $38,000 sale on the Afternoon after Influencing with Integrity Seminar
To whom it may concern,

I am writing you to thank you for the information that I received during your recent Influencing With Integrity seminar.

I believe the material in this seminar is both relevant and useful to those professionals looking to enhance their communication skills. It provided me not only with information that I could easily adapt and implement in my business right away, but it also gave me a foundation that I will be able to build on as I continue to grow my skills.

Communication is a factor that is important regardless of your profession and I feel it is a universal skill that one must continue to nurture if they are looking to increase their effectiveness.

Again I appreciate the material and I wanted you to know that I have already seen results from the knowledge I gained.

Thank you,

Thomas Dean Baxter

3M Representative Checks Out and Approves "Influencing with Integrity"
Hello Genie,
Thanks again for a stimulated learning experience over the weekend.
I just wanted to let you know that I am in favor of having a division wide training for our sales staff, but the particulars need to be discussed with higher management. I thought about the option of the 90 day process (3 minutes a day) vs. the 2 or 3 day seminar, and its effects on the work force. I concluded that what ever direction we go, will be beneficial for that individual.

Eric Dornak
Government Transportation Safety Specialist
3M Traffic Safety Systems Division

Unless you are a Polarity Responder. In which case,
POWER VS. FORCE by David Watkins, MD Kineseology becomes a tool for a scientific search for measuring the truth...of pesticides, religions, and even, spirituality. You may go through several paradigms when reading this one book. The author, a psychiatrist, established the biggest psychiatric practice in New York and then left it. His research is mind-boggling. His conclusions will tilt your world so that it may never recover. Read at your own risk.
UCSC Course Continues Into Fall Semester
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