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Ting Ting Guo Discovers Options as She Learns Communication Skills at
University of California, Santa Cruz

Wylie, Genie, Alice

Linda Burton

A Hybrid class of live classroom and streaming video, Influencing with Integrity, was taught during the winter quarter at UCSC. Above are instructors, Wylie Harter, Genie Z. Laborde and Alice Treutlein. Linda Burton, pictured at left, also assisted in teaching this class.

Selling Insurance and Financial Services with Integrity

Chapter 1
Look for the Strategies

Here is a kaleidoscope of sales calls to illustrate the skills I’ll be presenting here. Different industries and quite different decision makers create the settings and the characters. Selling training has many similarities to selling insurance and investments because the product is intangible. You can’t see, hear, or touch it. Selling all products has certain dynamics that naturally occur, whatever the qualities of the individual products. These sales situations were quite different but I used the same or similar strategies in all of them. See if you can pick out the strategies I used.

Setting: IBM’s offices in upstate New York. It’s February and snow covers the ground.

The first sales call took place 16 years ago but it was so important to me that I can remember every detail. The client and decision maker was 6’6” and we were meeting in his office which has huge glass expanses overlooking the snow. Earlier he had sent a letter to each training department in his large corporation denouncing the discipline which is the core of my seminars and telling each manager to cancel any trainings based on this concept. I had to change his mind about the entire discipline before he’d buy my seminar. The discipline that underlies the skills we teach is so powerful that it has attracted people who misuse the skills. This executive had encountered some of these people and wanted nothing to do with it. He forgot skills are tools. The person decides how to use the hammer to kill or to build a house. It’s up to you.
      I recognized drawings on his wall, mentioned the artist by name, said I admired his work and that Doubleday had hired him to illustrate my first book years ago. The executive had warmed up during this exchange then turned grim again.
      His major sense was auditory. I am a visual/kinesthetic. We had nothing in common except our admiration for this artist. The snow outside seemed to have sneaked in and affected the temperature. His opening line felt icy as well.
      Once we were seated (our CEO, our potential IBM trainer and I) he said, “I phoned each of those employees who you said attended your public seminar. Some of them did not remember what you taught in the seminar.” Pretty icy. I simply looked at him. I said nothing.
      Some said they had not used the concepts you taught. They had not found they remembered to use them.” I looked away at this as I felt my disappointment seeping through my body. What’s to say? I remained silent.
      He continued, “And some of them said,” he paused, “the things you taught in the seminars changed their lives.” He looked gravely at me then the corners of his mouth turned up and he asked the stock inquiry, “How do your trainings differ from others?”   <more>

IWI Training
Participants from the November class of Influencing with Integrity in the conference room at IDEA

Ben Brian
Participants in the IDEA November seminar

     This Influencing with Integrity seminar attracted participants from a wide variety of professions: two members of the board of the Dalai Lama Foundation, a former Louisiana State Trooper, The Human Resources Manager of Canesta, Inc., a manager the automotive industry, an herbal healer, a representative of Northwestern Mutual, a contractor the construction industry, a computer programmer, a university instructor, and an insurance executive. The mixture of professions made for lively discussions on the use of the influencing skills.

IWI at Harvard

      Professor Myra S. White, Ph.D., J.D., Program in Psychiatry and the Law Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, is teaching a course, Managing Workplace Performance at Harvard University which began January 30, 2006.
Influencing with Integrity" is one of three required textbooks for this class.  Dr. White has this to say after reading Influencing with Integrity.
      "I continue to find your book a special gift.  It's too bad I didn't discover it sooner.  Each day I have new insights.  "

       Other Colleges and Universities that are presently using or have used Influencing with Integrity as a textbook:

Arizona State University
Austin College
Azusa Pacific College
Baruch College
Burlingame School District
California State University, Chico
California State University, Long Beach
Central Wyoming College
Cleveland State
College of Saint Thomas
Colorado School of Mines
Concord Public Schools
Diablo Valley College
Duke University
Eastern Michigan University
Elmhurst College
Erlham College
Glassboro State College
Hahnemann University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Jefferson Community College
John F. Kennedy University
Johns Hopkins University
Loma Linda University

Los Altos High School

Louisiana College
Memphis State University

Metropolitan State College

Mount San Antonio College
New Mexico Highlands University
New Mexico State University
Northeastern Ohio University
Northern Illinois University
Ohio Institute of Photography
Olympia School District
Oregon State University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Pennsylvania State University
Pepperdine University
Purdue University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Saint Cloud University
Saint Louis Community College
San Diego State University
San Juan Unified School District
Sequoia Union High School District
Sonoma State University
Southwestern College
Spokane Falls College
State University of New York

Syracuse University
Teachers College of New York

Texas A&M
University of Bridgeport
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Francisco
University of California Extension, Santa Cruz
University of Chicago
University of Georgia
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska
University of New Mexico
University of North Carolina
University of Northern Colorado
University of Oklahoma
University of Pittsburgh
University of Puget Sound

University of Rochester
University of Seattle
University of Southern California
University of Wisconsin
Valley View School
Virginia Beach City Schools
Webster University

Genie Z. Laborde and other guests at the Appreciation Luncheon  held  by the staff of the Management Communication Program of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business in Palo Alto.

      Selling Insurance and Financial Services with Integrity is in the final stages of editing. Its nine authors are reading it before the printing. The book will be available, at $24.96 in 60 days. If you’d like to purchase pre-pub, the price is $14.95. Call Steve at 800-228-4069 to place your order.
      Additional books to be published this year are:
      New edition of Fine Tune Your Brain
      Enter the Zone for Dynamic Decisions or Increasing Your Personal Energy  (Which title do you like better?  We'd like some feedback on this.  It's the same book.)
      DVD or CD of the first seven days of   " Three Minute Steps to Influencing  with Integrity"........$49.95  Buy all 90 days and receive a free three day seminar of "Influenicng with Integrity" in Palo Alto.  Training costs are tax deductible for a
business.  Use your tax dollars for advanced training in communication skills.

Melissa Monhan

Melissa Monhan of Roche Pharmaceuticals is pictured as she makes an important point in the UCSC class.


One scholarship for tuition will be awarded in each of IDEA's Advanced Trainings in memory of KAY BEST, our former trainer and  unstinting supporter inside IBM for 18 years. Kay's memory is a source of inspiration for all of us who knew her.  Nobody else could ask, "Have you heard this one?"  with the unmitigated glee and expectation  that Kay Best brought to these words. 

To apply for this $2500.00 scholarship, send your resume to Steve @influence-integrity.com.

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