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Volume 2, Number 3                                          The VAK, est. 1982                                                              2005

Leadership Skills
For A Crisis


It’s A Book
It’s A Seminar

Your first response to the
unexpected may not be the best.
Old thinking patterns may be a
handicap in a crisis.

This seminar trains you in new
Awareness Skills, a Peak
Performance State that can be
accessed in an eye-blink and the
flexible behaviors needed for a
crisis.  Consultations with Police
and State Troopers are
integrated into the content.



Alice Treutlein

 Alice Treutlein

v.p. Customer Coddling





Influencing with Integrity seminar

To Be Held at IDEA offices in Palo Alto

A few partial scholarships are available.  Send an email to
to apply.


of the


Tara Martin-Milius

Tara Martin-Milius

Mgr. New Customer Relationships

University of California Santa Cruz Extension






By Alice Treutlein

     I met two Nepalese teen-agers at the base of the stone stairs leading up the mountain to a cave where great meditators have attained high states of consciousness.  It was dawn when I chanced the gray morning light, quiet cobble streets with eager anticipation of new learning, and a morning adventure before I entered the monastery for another day of sitting.

      These youths were rough, they were blocking my passage.  I had to stop, heart fluttering in my stomach to listen inside and slow it all down, pace myself, get slower, ride the heat waves until I knew something..  “You want to buy our knives?” said one of the boys.  There we were, the only inhabitants of the morning.  My thoughts weren’t cognizing any master plan, just resting in awareness that there were not alternatives to just that moment, right then.

      “Well, lets see those knives”, I heard myself saying.  I was handed a blood dusted, khukuri with eight inch curved, razor sharp blade and hide handle.  I admired it and handed it back.  “Let me see the other one”. At this time I became aware that I was just biding time, developing some kind of weird rapport around their topic, not knowing what the next moment would bring.  The other blade looked just as used and quite ancient.  I opened my mouth and began talking very slow English, emphasizing key words that I thought they knew and gesturing,  “You know, I don’t need knives; I’m meditating and studying with a holy master from Tibet... there are many monks, nuns, lamas Nepalese and Tibetan some westerners, like me.  Now I’m just going up to the cave to sit.  What would I do with these knives?  I can tell they killed, they took many lives.  I have sons your age.  I could be your mother”.  Then, they started to talk.  Most youths in Nepal know the word mother and son.  My eyes were telling them something and I felt really sad and warm at the same time.  I felt like I was crying inside.  “You have sons”?  “Yes, just like you”.  “I know you want money; So, I’ll give you money but I don’t need your knives.  I’ll give you money if you promise me one thing.  Please, I would tell my sons this”.  “What”?  “Please, don’t take human life.   Sometimes you kill for food, but don’t kill humans unless they are hurting you and your family”.   I pulled out all my rupees.  “I need to keep a little for the Lama because he is teaching me today”.

     Now their faces changed.  They became my sons.  Nepali boys venerate their mothers and elders.  “Thanks, they said and can we meet you later and show you our country and home? All the days you are here we will take care of you, mother.”   I felt sad and happy.  They got what they wanted and I didn’t panic...panic and fear would have created more red hot negative energy and loss of consciousness.

    I had greeted that day with eager anticipation wanting to learn something new.  I learned something about myself, that I truly love and that when I am in flow I can cope with situations that go way beyond my creative imagination or conceptual problem solving abilities.  I woke that morning in a state of heightened awareness and meeting the youths gave me the opportunity to experience new behaviors within a flow state of loving-kindness. That day I appreciated life freshly. I saw, with my eyes wide open and my heart in my throat. My ears perked to communication all around and I felt on the edge of the unknown like everything was alive and moving, anything was possible.  I felt also a new trust in my senses to carry me through unknown situations, that there was a core of genuine curiosity and honesty an intuitive understanding and interest in mutual outcome.



New Book:  Genie Z. Laborde and Orrin C. Hudson
Recognizing Patterns


Youth Motivational Speaker, Orrin C. Hudson's Win By Choice Program Teaches Children How to Excel in Life Through the Game of Chess.
Chess is a game anyone can learn. The only requirement you need is the desire to learn. The major key to your success is you. When you change, your world will change. When you get better, your world will get better. The BeSomeone Organization teaches the practical techniques and skills to overcome obstacles in life, shown through the best and most intellectual visual aid: the chess board. We have motivated, mentored, and challenged at-risk students who have come from low income families, broken homes, shelters, and other bad situations. Our program has produced high self-esteem winners, that have gained a level of self-confidence, self value and purpose. These winners in turn have exhibited better character, but most of all better grades.

Recognizing Patterns

Orrin C. Hudson has been featured in stories by the following: CNN Headline News, CNN American Stories, FOX6 Birmingham, Jane Fonda, Good Day Atlanta, Channel 13 Kentucky, TBS Pathfinder Video, NBC Affiliate 11-Alive, WSB People to People.  He has won the DeKalb Salute Award and the Atlanta Braves Award.

How To Ask For A Raise


By Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.

If you have been in a job for nine months, think you are doing a great job and have some rapport with your boss, you might consider

First find out from old-timers what is the usual procedure about this.  If everyone gets a raise once a year, better wait it out.  If there is no “usual,” then you begin your research.

What are the salaries of similar positions in your company?

What are the salaries of similar positions in other companies?

What is the national average for your position? (You may turn up a promising new job in all this research).

Make a list of all your accomplishments in your present job.  Find at least one that stands out.
Now you are ready.

Unless this next move is really weird, make an appointment with your boss.

Give one reason you deserve a raise, then request the raise in these words or similar words; For example:

“I’ve solved the problem in the mailroom that was costing us $4,000 a month, and I would like

you to consider giving me an increase in salary.” Or “I can’t buy gas for my car and I need a raise in pay.” Or “The national average salary for EA’s is______and mine is _____.  I believe I deserve an increase in my pay.”

When you begin the request, hand your boss your list of outstanding accomplishments.  This should be written with bullet points.

Wait quietly while he looks over the list and thinks, then listen carefully.

Your next response depends on his answer.
Keep this point in mind.  Even if you don’t win the raise today, s/he’s been approached and knows you believe you should earn more.  S/he also knows you’ve been comparing salaries and may exit soon if s/he doesn’t respond positively.

Once you’ve asked for a raise and been refused you may want to explore other job possibilities. 
He knows this too.

You may break rapport with your request, but temporary loss of rapport is better than “broke.”  Usually you can regain rapport with time and skill.  Drama doesn’t work.  Keep it light.

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