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Volume 2, Number 1                                           The VAK, est. 1982                                                              2004

Genie Laborde and Jody Healy

Genie Z. Laborde,Ph.D., and Jody Healy, M.A.  Photo by Steve Apple

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Management Communication Program of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business invited Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D. to present a mini-course on April 6. The “See More, Hear More, Relate More” presentation was arranged by Jody Healy, program director of the Management Communications Program, who attended Influencing with Integrity in October, 2004. Other Stanford University Adjunct faculty members from the undergraduate Communication Department who have attended the Influencing with Integrity program are John Bilderbeck and Doree Allen.
     All these members of the Stanford University Staff agree that Stanford Professor Thomas Hansen’s 20 year study on the importance of communication skills to financial success in business is a valid concept.

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Corde Valle Training for SVCA

Silicon Valley Catalyst Association Learns Advance Rapport Skills in All-Day Seminar.
SVCO Trainers
SVCA Trainers.  Photo by Sherry Parsons

The Silicon Valley Catalyst Association is a 27-member organization of Executive Administrators to CEOs of companies such as Sun Microsystems, Aspect, Adobe, Symantec, Google, Agilent, Cisco, Synopsys, E-Piphany, Network General, etc. Eighteen of these members joined Genie Z. Laborde for experiential exercises and group discussions at Corde Valle, a luxurious golf resort in Northern California, on April 2.


Pro-Match is an organization to assist professionals in their job-search. Meeting in the auditorium of the Sunnyvale City Council, 85 professionals paid rapt attention to “Rapport Skills for Job Search.” This presentation connected rapport to the interview process. Genie Z. Laborde presented and Shirley Chasen did an excellent job narrating the event on April 21, 2005.


CenturyTel of Monroe Louisiana has applied for a state grant in order to train members of their staff in the skills of Influencing with Integrity.


A group consisting of Vice-Presidents of Engineering and CTOs meets regularly in Silicon Valley to exchange information and ideas. On May 5th, Genie presented a four hour seminar on Leadership Through Communication to members of this group. The host was Bruce Peetz of Trimble Navigation. Wylie Harter of Nuvation assisted Genie and translated her leadership skills into language easily comprehended by engineers.

Health and Relationship Skills Correlate

The strong connection between good relationships and health has been in the news again recently. These new studies replicate those conducted by Dr. Sheldon Cohen, Dr. James House, Dr. Vern Katz, Dr. Alan Young, Dr. Ronald Glaser, Sandra M. Levy and others. To improve your health and the length of your life, you should consider learning new and better ways to connect with friends and loved ones. Send an email to mail@influence-integrity.com with a request for our composite study on this subject.

San Francisco Unified School District

Classes in Spanish for parents of school children were conducted this spring by Carlos Suarez, MS, a multi-language IDEA trainer from Venezuela. With a graduate degree in Economics from Stanford University, Carlos is successful in relating the Influencing with Integrity skills to family situations. This is the fourth course paid by a federal grant for Migrant School Children and their parents.

12 Strategies
for U

U Use words from the language of the Perceptual
          Preference of your partner

C Curiosity, not judgment, especially if you lose

O Oxygen feeds the brain. If you lose rapport,

M Match patterns of your partner, especially eye
         movements that are gathering data

Universal Truism: Win-Lose turns into Lose-Lose
        over time

N New spy-glass for the brain: VAK (recognizing
         the other’s favorite perceptual system) helps you 
         understand how they process information
I If communication hits a snag, rapport becomes the
         first order of business
C Change your words, change your Reality.
         Deletion, distortion, and generalization are
         natural brain processes
A Adjust your voice, just a bit
T Trances occur when patterns are running
E Easily the four most powerful Words in the English Language

Everyone who has attended an IDEA seminar is invited to be a member of


UCSC Extension Courses

     University of California Extension, Santa Cruz , located in Cupertino, California, launched its new Communication Course for Executive Assistants on March 23, 2005. Tara Martin-Milius, MA, and Genie Z. Laborde co-taught an Oral Communication section for the first class. The Kiersey personality profiles were also presented to the 30 students this first night by Pamela Lonero of Symantec.  Students were invited to log on to the 90 Days tof Influencing with Integrity by the class administrators for extra credit. The second and third classes of the seven-weeks course were also conducted by Tara and Genie. This class will be repeated in the fall session.
     Executive Assistants from Cisco, iKanos, Adobe, Synopsis,  E-Piphany, Network General, Openwave, Symantec, and Aspect assisted in the design and teaching of this course.

     Kimberly Wiefling is the Master Teacher for this series and did a remarkable job of organizing the multiple skills needed by Executive Administrators.
After the seventh class, Kimberly wrote the following summary:
     At first I thought I was imagining it. . . the changed look on the faces of several of our incredible participants. And then, as Genie spoke, I realized that they had indeed transformed themselves into executive administrative professionals, full of self-respect and integrity. I could SEE the change in the expressions on their faces ,from resignation to quiet confidence. I could HEAR the change in their voices , from tentative to committed. I could FEEL the shift in their way of interacting with the world.
UCSC class

UCSC Class.  Photo by John Magee

E-Learning Joins UCSC -
Extension classes

Three Minute Steps to Influencing with Integrity, streaming video on the Internet, is scheduled to play a key role in five programs at UCSC in the fall. Approved as an Elective for programs in Human Resources, Business Administration, Marketing, Women in Business, and Executive Administration, the e-learning is designed to begin with a six hour day of experiential exercises. The students then view three minutes a day of video documentary, practice the assignment of the day narrated in the video, write the results of the assignment in a workbook, and return for a final day of class at the end of the quarter. The class integrates live training with computer video and short behavioral changes, so that the advantages of each teaching method are utilized.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services of UCSC-Extension plans to offer IDEA’s
e-learning to its many clients in Silicon Valley beginning in the later part of May. As part of the University of California system, UCSC has exclusive access among the university's system to the corporations of Silicon Valley. This academic-business alliance begins a new phase for IDEA since Genie departed the MBA program at John F. Kennedy University 15 years ago.

Genie and flowers
Gift from a UCSC student.  Photo by John Magee

By Genie Z. Laborde

Chapter One
Spellcasting: Four Magic Words

Four Magic words: ‘Know what you want’

     Success in relationships comes in many forms depending on the time and situation. It could be a year-long relationship, a lifetime commitment or a one-night stand. This chapter is focused on finding the ‘right’ person for any of those particular relationships. If you know a relationship needs improvement, you could skip forward to Chapter 2. On the other hand, sometimes a new relationship is a good idea. Besides a good relationship with a significant other, we also want better family and business relationships. Who hasn’t had a boss or in-law they disliked?
      The focus of this book is couple-oriented relationships. However, the skills and ideas offered are useful for any relationship. Every relationship between every two people is unique. Accepting  their uniqueness and capitalizing their commonality at the same time are important concepts for improving relationships. Likewise the skills offered here can be discussed generally and applied individually.
      Whatever your criteria for a successful relationship, the first step is to know what you want. Only then will your actions, communication and nonverbal negotiations all work toward

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