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Volume 1, Number 3                                            The VAK, est. 1982                                                              2004
High Resource States
Interview with Anger Management Consultant and Long-Time I.D.E.A. Trainer David Brady
By Bruce Dillman
     I think training with Genie gave me a foundation for understanding a lot of things in the human service field.  I’ve worked in mental health, I’ve worked in education, and I was able to use many of those practices and model them.  I put them to work in a variety of situations, so I think that put me in a better spot—a little more flexible to pick up on new ideas and to understand when I saw something happen.
      Probably the most valuable thing I learned from Genie’s work was how to obtain and maintain a high resource state.  That was useful in the domestic violence field.  It led me to understand that when people are involved in a domestic dispute, their state  lowers and as a result, all sorts of automatic behavior starts coming out.  Then it’s a simple right-wrong game.  Somebody throws out the bait, somebody bites, and you’re off and running.
      It’s very useful to ask people, “What was the last thing you remember your partner saying before every thing cut loose?”  Then I backward chain that to try to find out what was going on without traumatizing the person.  That’s a real big problem, because I discovered that when people are involved in domestic violence, the perpetrators are also traumatized, although they aren’t consciously aware of it sometimes.  They are also acting out a traumatization they have had in the past.
      They are also modeling some metaphors rampant in our culture
—war metaphors—win-or-lose type things.  Then they can’t discuss anything without somebody having to be right and winner.  That causes a lot of problems. 

      The culture at large says it’s OK to use force, with certain justifications.  For example, when they decided

By Genie Z. Laborde

Your brain is designed to select certain information from the world around you.  The information you do not notice is deleted—left out.  This selection process becomes a habit, and we delete enormous amounts of information, so when someone tells you, “You are not listening,” that’s true.  You probably did not select every word the other said to pay attention to.  What this means is a good listener selects more

Have you been waiting on the Japanese and Chinese editions of Influencing with Integrity  to read it?
By Genie Z. Laborde
      In July we sent a contract to a Japanese publisher at their request, and got very excited over seeing how “dovetailing” looks in Japanese. Metaphorical words are not easily translated.  Sometimes, the idea simply doesn’t exist in other languages.   As time passes the excitement diminishes, but “wait and see” are the passwords in the publishing industry.  Everything is decided by committee, and committees hate to commit.   
      In April a reading copy of
Influencing With Integrity
was requested by a Chinese publisher,   more

Let's communicate?
© 2004 Genie Z. Laborde.  All rights reserved


By Genie Z. Laborde

I’m captivated by the quality of the writing in the New York Times and reading it each morning gives me another perspective from the California viewpoint (favorite subject of clever jokes). Each morning as I read about the situation of American troops in Iraq--the deaths, our mounting debt, the lack of electricity and drinking water, the palatable and increasing hatred for the U.S. — I explore, in my mind’s eye, solutions.  more

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