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Volume 4, Number 1                                                        Combined with The VAK, est. 1982                                                                          Fall,  2007


Stanford and University of Singapore  Hold  Influencing with Integrity Seminar

Next Seminar Scheduled September 30

A series of one day seminars began last week for Stanford University and the National University of Singapore.  The students from Singapore have been recruited and selected by their government as the brightest and most creative of the up and coming business leaders in their country. One year in the U.S. to study at Stanford and to intern with American business is the prize among this select group.  These motivated students interacted with American Stanford students and business people during this high energy training.  

Their feedback about what skills they learned and where they would use the skills taught included these:

  • Building rapport with strangers
  • I learned about the power of pattern disruption and breaking rapport
  • Break the pattern
  • Visual signs of rapport
  • Modes Rapport
  • Making concrete: VAK, Outcomes, Maps of Reality, Rapport
  • Mirroring other parties' behavior pattern
  • Use integrity to affect people
  • Sensory Words Used
  • Visual cues
  • Breaking rapport
  • Establishing, disrupting rapport
  • Rapport, Pay attention to non-verbal clues
Genie at NUS
Genie engrossed in her subject, Influencing with Integrity



Yvette Keller      Liling Xia
Genie Z. Laborde
IwI instructorsYvette Keller (www.mycmsite.com/yvettekeller)
and  Liling Xia(http://LilingIntl.com)
assisted Genie Z. Laborde
with the September 23rd training

Tom Kosnik
Tom Kosnik, Ph.D.
Stanford University

Patrick O
Patrick O'Leary.
founder Matchmaker.com and Expertwitness.com