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Volume 3, Number 4                                                        Combined with The VAK, est. 1982                                                                         August, 2007

To Begin Week of August 20
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Begins September 7: One Hour Segments

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Your Pleasure or Mine?
Pleasure has a bad rep.  It connotes hedonism, selfish behavior, narcissism, and abandonment of higher principles.  No gold stars for pleasure.  No pain, no gain is part of our national consciousness.  And if eating butter gives you pleasure, and you give in, you are probably obese as well as weak willed.

Here and now, let’s begin to clean up pleasure’s linguistic back eye.

What if I claim that acts of pleasure can actually cure  many of life’s ailments? 

A whole bevy of books and research studies indicate that our brains and bodies respond to pleasure in astonishing ways.  Positive ways.  Not only do pleasurable experiences keep us healthy; pleasure actually cures serious conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and  even cancer, according to Thomas R. Blakeslee, the author of “The Attitude Factor” (published by Thorson’s).   His claim is based on a German study that is largely unknown.

The German study goes so counter to modern thinking that it is still largely unknown 12 years after completion.  This study involved 3,000 elderly German residents of Heidelberg.  The study commenced in 1973 to determine if there was a relationship between pleasure and health.  It terminated in l995. 

The participants “who reported the most pleasure in their lives (by their own definition of pleasure) proved 30 times more likely to be alive and well after 21 years than the people whose whoopee factors were the lowest……The more pleasure the people reported, the healthier they were likely to be”, according to Peter Shimer, writing in Mode Magazine in November of 2000. 

An additional book with similar findings is “Molecules of Emotion” by Candance B. Pert, Ph. D. , a research scientist from the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D. C.  She says your body and my body  are “hard-wired” for pleasure. 

Hard to believe.

Five Readers
Needed for
Infinite Energy, Not Luck

The "20 years in creation" book, Infinite Energy, Not Luck, which explains what Flow Energy is and how to achieve this level anytime you wish is in final manuscript form.  If you would like to be a "reader" (with Post-its for comments) of the manuscript, please
email us.  

Readers will receive a complimentary copy of the publshed book.

Infinite Energy Not Luck

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Flow Documentary can be Viewed on YouTube

On June 1, a Korean TV crew arrived at our offices in Palo Alto to shoot some footage for a one hour documentary on Flow Energy in Business. SBS Broadcasting covers news in Europe and Asia. The documentary was  shown in Korea on June 24.  
 We've put up a portion of the documentary on YouTube, here's the link: 

YouTube Video


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