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Volume 3, Number 3                                                                                                                Summer 2007

SBS Interview with Genie

One Hour Documentary

On June 1, a Korean TV crew arrived in Palo Alto to shoot a one hour documentary on Flow Energy in Business. SBS Broadcasting covers news in Europe and Asia. This documentary is similar to and a local version of "60 Minutes." Since Flow is one of my favorite subjects, I filled out their shooting schedule with lots of my Board Members and supporters who experience these Flow states as part of their business day. About 10 of these people sat on a panel in the IDEA board room and discussed their personal experiences with the Flow State. The camera man was busy catching all the comments. Then I demonstrated to the Producer and the Local Coordinator for SBS how to enter this peak performance state by using three VAK triggers. Fast shift. These demos were filmed and the Producer plans to use these in the documentary. I also made arrangements for the TV crew (in Washington DC) to film Bob Pearson who is a former Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador. He attended a recent seminar and spends a good bit of time in the Flow state. The documentary will be shown in Korea on June 24. We have been promised DVD copies. Flow may be the Flavor of the Summer. I hope so.

Pictured above: 
Seungju Lee interviews Genie at her Palo Alto offices.  Between them is Joon Nak Choi, the local coordinator for SBS Broadcasting, and a student at Stanford University.  He served as a model for Genie's exercise on the Flow Elevator.  The Producer was also taught to enter flow with established triggers.  At the right is the Videographer, Lee Won Sik.  

Ambassador Pearson SBS Interview
Sang-Eun Kim of SBS Broadcasting with Ambassador Robert Pearson who was interviewed for the documentary

SBS Panel 3
Paul Charlton, Genie, Mike, Tara

SBS Flow Panel

The TV crew from Korea is the most talked about event of this month at our business. To me it seemed a long trip for the Producer, Seungju Lee, and the Camera Man, Lee Won Sik, to make in order to discuss Flow in Business and in Happiness. Since Flow is the energy state that I enjoy the most, I was delighted to have a chance to discuss it with people who are interested. The fact that a camera was filming the conversation added a little spice. I became very aware of the power of the editing crew. Some of the insights that our panel of experts supplied are so useful that I do hope they make it across the cutting room floor. One experienced engineer and talented photographer, Wylie Harter, mentioned that he often solved a problem in Flow but continued to look for a better solution because the pleasure of the Flow state made him reluctant to leave it. I learned that one doesn't enter Flow unless you are engaged in a task that you enjoy. The ten people on the panel had many similar experiences of the Flow state and some differences. IDEA will have DVDs of the one hour documentary in July. It also contains an interview with Mihaly Cseikzentmihalyi who wrote the book,"Flow: The Optimum Experience". Good book. Well researched. We all enjoyed the shoot. Flow flowed.

Participants in the Panel videotaped by SBS at the I.D.E.A. offices in Palo Alto
  • Dr. Mike Mandella, Stanford University
  • Wylie Harter, CEO, Engineer, Photographer
  • Paul Charlton, Intuit, Entrepreneur, Consultant
  • Jerry Brown, CEO, Entrepreneur, Engineer
  • Mike Rossi, CEO, Entrepreneur, Engineer
  • Eliane Fiolet, Graphic Artist, Ubergizmo
  • Tara Martin-Milius, CEO, Educator, UCSC Extension
  • Mike Knych, Executive, Asset Management Company
  • Mike Hulme, v.p. Marketing and Sales, I.D.E.A. 
Also attending but not interviewed were Jesus Cortez, of Kaiser Permanente, who chose not to be interviewed, and Liling Xia,  who arrived after the panel interviews were completed.  Both Jesus and Liling are Flow experts.

Interviewed in Washington DC (by Sang Eun Kim, Overseas Coordinator for SBS Broadcasting) was Ambassador Robert Pearson (former Assistant Secretary of State).

Interviewed in Philadelphia, (also by Sang Eun Kim) Mihaly Cseikzentmihalyi, author of "Flow: The Optimum Experience"

Energy At Work

Excerpted from Infinite Energy Not Luck
by Genie Z. Laborde, Ph.D.
Syntony Publishing, Fall 2007


No?  They why do so many men die soon after retirement?  It may be that their energy runs dry in retirement.

Earlier we selected the definition of energy from the Handbook of Physics and Chemistry:  the capability of doing work.  You may have noticed we have expanded the meaning of work to include play.  Infinite energy could be defined as the capability to keep yourself entertained, enthralled, and in joy.  Infinite Energy is available at work, at play, and in retirement.  You just have to know how to tap into the infinite well.  At work.  After work.

The first step is recognizing you are not your job.  You are more than your job.  You have a life’s purpose, people to love and people who love you.  You are not your job.
The second step is to use the right energy for each and every task of your workday.  Survival energy for aggressive,  defensive maneuvers, such as getting to work on time by subway.  Emotional energy for teamwork, for job satisfaction, for confidence, for completion of projects.  Intellectual for analysis and logic.  Flow for creative problem solving.

The third step is to stay in flow as much as possible.  How much depends on the type of job.  Do not use flow on the subway.  Do not use emotional in your regional managers meeting.  Do not use survival to problem solve.  To stay in flow, you may need to remove some barriers to this high energy state.


What Panel Members Said to Increase
Your Understanding of Flow

A Condensation of Panel Discussion
  • You must be doing something you like to move to Flow energy
     - Tara Martin-Milius
  • Once inside the Flow State, one is reluctant to leave
     - Wylie Harter
  • Do not write checks in Flow
     - Genie Z. Laborde
  • Flow State can be entered without knowing it exists
     - extracted and paraphrase of comment by Eliane Fiolet
  • Flow State is a self-healing state
     - Mike Knych
  • Koreans have noticed that people who use Flow are happier than most.
     - Mr. Seung ja Lee
  • I only hire people who work in Flow
     - Paul Charlton
  • Surprising, the accounts of Flow are so similar.
     - Mike Hulme

Viewing in Palo Alto This Summer
If you'd like to be notified by email when we will be viewing the SBS Documentary in Palo Alto, please email us: mail@influence-integrity.com

SBS Video Shoot
Tara Martin-Milius, Genie Z. Laborde, and Mike Hulme
2 in sync                 Poster
2insync Relationship Training
at Decathlon Club in Santa Clara Begins July 10
An entirely new series of seminars will be presented in one and a half hour sessions once a week for six weeks.  The skills for relationships have been distilled into new exercises focused on beginning and sustaining a satisfying experience.  Learning about your own being-in-love strategies begins the series then knowing what you need and how to express this follows.  Most people fail in relationships simply from lack of skills.  This series guarantees a remedy for this, or money refunded.
A second series is now being scheduled for men only at another Bay Area Athletic Club .

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