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March 27-29 Influencing with Integrity  Seminar
in Palo Alto
IwI March                       IwI March
                                            Role-plays on IDEA's sun-porch.                                                    Liling Xia, a Certified Life Coach  making an important point.

Five major corporations were represented by their key employees in the lively class at our corporate offices in Palo Alto.
n people attended this three day class.  One feedback sheet was not turned in so here are the feedback and  figures from
nine students from the following companies,  one educational institute, and several corporations:

Win-Web Experts - Johnson & Johnson - Westcor - SF Institute - Farmers Insurance - Intuit

Handwritten Comments
"Great course!"

Best things about the program:
1. "Experience of working with individuals"
2.   "amount of "process" in
effective communication"
3.  " VAK"
4.  "Sensory Acuity"
5.  "Rapport"
6 ."State of Excellence"
7 ."Interaction"
8. "Exercises"
9.  "Solid Exercises"
10. "Wealth of Experience"
11. "Trusting/safe space"
12.  "MYOUR
13.  "Super Questions"
14.   "Rapport"
15.  "Exercises"
16.   "Modules"
17    ".Examples"
18.   "Demonstrations"

Check off answers to evaluation questions:

How much have you improved your communication skills?

Very significantly  4
Significantly 3
Moderately 2

How many new communication skill do you think you have?

A very significant amount   7
A significant amount  2

How relevant are the skills to your job?

Highly relevant    9
IwI March
Naho Iguchi, Elaine Muir and Elian Fiolet practicing
on the patio

New Channels

This is the logo for the relationship skills adaptation of the interpersonal processes we've been teaching for 25 years.  We are looking for  alliances to apply these skills to singles looking for sole mates so their subsequent interactions will be positive,  leading to happy relationships and not leading to divorce.

Read more about 2insync below

IwI March

A Most Promising  New Channel  
Or The Fish That Got Away

Last fall, I was contacted by a business broker with a contract which, when signed,  would sell the exclusive rights to all of  IDEA's products: videos, DVD;s, CD's, our VAK game, books, workshop materials to an advertising agency.  No guaranteed income, no end date  to the contract, but a promise of a small percentage of their estimate of income from all this. After more than two months of  negotiating, we could not reach an agreement.  Their  estimate of gross income, hold your breath and your skepticism for a moment, please,  was $10,000,000.00 a month, enough to inspire some creative thinking on my part.   Now, my percentage of this was very small, but still, that's a lot of income.  

This advertising agency specializes in Internet marketing, and one of their major clients is a matchmaking group so we've been exploring ways to tap into the matchmaking market. 

2insync will be a matchmaking firm based on an entirely new strategy for singles to meet their ideal other. The biggest problem with dating on the Internet is what we call the "Fantasy Factor" caused by clients projecting who hey want to be into their profiles.  Our strategy is based on first identifying a client's true persona and then developing their communication skills through training. We'll use advanced communication skills training and events held after the trainings to evoke  the chemistry that makes successful matchmaking. a mystery.  Our new approach will reduce the mysterious elements  and create, instead, opportunity and enjoyment.  You'll be in no hurry to find your mate because the journey is so much fun.

Have You Seen Our New
"Two Minute Tips
For Relationships"
Video Series On YouTube?

You can access it through our website:

Two Minute Tips Series
Please leave us a comment, let us know what you think of this series.
Internet Community

 We envision the Internet community to be  formed from three channels…..Corporate  Clients (going back 25 years), Communication Coaches and 2insync members.  The linked website with video blogs  would serve as a job referral source,  an information clearing house, a meeting place, and even a social interchange venue.  The Internet community site would, of course, be international since "Influencing with Integrity" has been translated into 8 languages, and we already have certified trainers around the globe. 

One possible new channel could be opened by setting up an Internet community for Communication Coaches.  IDEA would issue Communication Coaching Certificates to those who have attended a live training or an e learning training.  These certificates would attest that you had completed the training for advanced communication skills, useful in business or in private relationships.

 The coaching profession has gained many satisfied adherents and could benefit from the skills in the "Influencing with Integrity"  seminars. Many people do not have the need or the extra money for a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but do need someone to listen and to guide them in finding creative solutions for miscommunication, misunderstandings, and even heartbreak. Communication Coaches can fill this need with flexible fees and hours.  Communication Coaches are trained to think outside the box, to listen carefully, and to use their increased  perceptions in a professional manner.  By teaching a client the steps to a State of Excellence, the Communication Coaches can spread this useful ability to those without the time for a training course and thus improve the productivity, work satisfaction, and disposition  of hundreds and even thousands of people.  

 Preliminary discussions seemed to favor having five different levels of expertise recognized by these   Certificates.

  • Syntonics Communication  Coach
  • Syntonics Facilitator 
  • IDEA Trainer
  • IDEA Master  Trainer
  • IDEA Senior  Master  Trainer

The first level would be Communication Coach  which would be earned by attending and passing a three day live training or a 90 day e learning.  The next level would be attained by completing both of these first two training opportunities.  This would be named "Syntonics Facilitator"

 The next level would be based on the candidate attending an Advanced Training in California (on the beach at Pajaro Dunes) and the certificate would be issued for " Certified IDEA Trainer".   After one year of conducting  trainings (or 8 trainings in number) the certificate  of "Master Trainer" would be earned.   After teaching 15 trainings, the candidate would  move up to the level of assisting in the Advanced Training and be eligible to own stock in IDEA.  Increased commissions are earned at each level.

The 2insync Coaches, Facilitators and Trainers would be organized in a similar manner. Coaches and Facilitators would be certified to teach the first  8 Modules of the Influencing with Integrity series in both the live classes and the  live portions of the e learning.
New Advisory Board Meets

The first meeting of our new evolving Advisory Board was held on Marh 3, 2007 in Palo Alto. The following members were actively involved in discussions about  possible future trajectories  for IDEA.

Paul Charlton
Jerry T. Brown
Frauke  Schorr
Tom Kerrigan
Mike Hulme
Jane Hulme
Genie Z. Laborde

Topics considered and contemplated were: IDEA's website, marketing literature, new Channels, old clients, new clients, the intern program, the Affiliate Program,  additional emphasis on Sales Trainings, and ways the Board Members could assist the corporation

IDEA's Advisory Board met for the second time on April 28.  The following members were present and each one expressed their opinions about  new channels for the influencing skills.  The consensus was that corporate training, with IDEA's 25 years'  of experience, successes, and mountains of research  should continue to be pursued diligently.   Other channels were not "Low hanging fruit",   If opportunities turned up for the other channels, then that would be another matter and grist for another meeting.  

Mike Knych    
Steve Chaffin 
Tara  Martin-Milius 
Jerry Brown
Paul Charlton
Wylie Harter
Albert Brady
Leslie Brady
Mike Hulme
Jane Hulme
Genie Z. Laborde

IwI March
Lesley Kew pondering a concept

IwI March
Jerry T. Brown our internet consultant from Win-Web

Next Influencing with Integrity Seminar June 18-20
Advanced Training (Trainer Training) June 22-27

Call 1-800 228-4069 to register or for more information

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