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Volume 3, Number 1                                        The VAK, est. 1982                                                        Spring 2007
Genie's News and Views

Dow Jones Influencing with Integrity
Schedules Second Seminar
  A blizzard arrived five minutes after Genie’s plane touched down at Dulles Airport.  If the plane had been five minutes later, the seminar would not have had a leader. Eddie Reynolds’ plane arrived from Atlanta at the same time. In spite of the ice and snow, Genie received  a warm welcome from the Factiva Division of Dow Jones Global Government Sector. Participants had arrived from the U.K.  and all over
the United States two days earlier and the Selling with Integrity seminar unfolded with high energy as sophisticated, educated sales-people enjoyed this discovery of unknown dynamics in human interactions.
Here's some feedback from seminar participants:

Dow Jones 2
  • “Great real life examples.”
  • “What to do when someone breaks communication.”
  • “The exercises were very useful and not intimidating! Thanks.”
  • “Great job for a short period.”
  • “In each section there was learning, but I enjoyed the sensory acuity section.”
  • “Introspection as to my frame of mind.”
  • [learned] “something about myself.”
  • “The stepping back from your map is especially applicable to me.
  • “Excellent Program.  Enjoyed it.”
Eddie Reynolds
IDEA Trainer Eddie Reynolds

Mike Hulme has joined IDEA after 5 years as cofounder of an Enterprise Compliance Software startup that has a successful client in the Bank of the West. Mike also currently develops and runs several websites in his e-commerce business with his wife in his spare time.
  Prior to that Mike was at Zilog Semiconductors for twelve years. He held positions of VP Licensing and Alliances and Director of the Zilog Communications Business Unit. Before ZiLOG Mike was at Harris Semiconductor for five years as Director of the Microprocessor Product Line. He was also at TI for ten years in both sales and marketing of microprocessor, controller and memory component products in the US, France and the United Kingdom.  Mike graduated from Imperial College in London University and has a Physics BCS Honors degree.

Mike Hulme
New IDEA V.P. of Marketing and Sales,
Mike Hulme

IwI January
January Influencing with Integrity Seminar
in Palo Alto

Next Seminar Dates:
March 27-29
May 8-10
June 19-21
August 7-9
October 16-18
November 13-15
Call 1-800-228-4069 to Register

Planting Powerful Seeds

 Cradling her third PH.D
sloshed over the brim with skill
The over-educated Genie
Thought, "I'll spread these, I will!"

We'll change the world, one by one
Just with communication
Skills that influence, but not coerce,
Will prompt each to say, "I won."

If she could teach each to talk,
Instead of pulling out guns to shoot,
And creative thinking
 Rapport, listening, to boot.

She knew these worked, tried them all Gestalt, Linguistics, and Zen
Sprinklings of cybernetics
All mixed to create win-wins.

 Skills learned from her PH.D.
Seemed near magical when used;
Calmed anger, increased energy
Mutual agreements wooed

It was a silly idea
Impossible, she well knew.
There was no web. What to do?
Change the world?  She's 5' 2.

She hung out a shingle
then told a few friends.
Amazing! Within 3 months
She was teaching the UN

After three fine sessions there
She realized business
Drove politics so she switched
Dell, American Express.

Chase Bank, IBM, HP
Sprint, Chevron, AT&T
Vanderbilt, Harvard Med
Wells Fargo and SBC

Estee Lauder, Frito Lay
Intel, Dow Jones,
Bell South and RIT

Citibank, Nissan, Allstate
Wang, General Dynamics
Sandia Labs, Continental
Coca-Cola, Data Quest

Teepak, United Defense
Pulte Homes, M&M Mars
Gulfstream and JC Penny

Eastman Kodak and Ford cars



Nov IwI Seminar

Harley Davidson sent 2 Engineers  to check
out the Influencing with Integrity 3-day seminar.
Jerome Johnson and Luis Recillas joined other seminar participants in the November seminar in
Palo Alto.
  Kurt McHenry (in blue shirt)arrived in Palo Alto from Virginia to attend the Influencing with Integrity class.  His father, Emmit McHenry, trained his staff in these skills 15 years ago.

Join the Syntonics Groups?

You may already be qualified for one of these certifications:

  Certified Syntonics Coach

  1. Attend 3-day classroom training or
  2. complete 90 days of e-learning


  1. IDEA will help you market your coaching.
  2. You’ll have your photo on our website
  3. web-site linking

  Syntonics Facilitator

  1. Complete 90 days of e-learning if you attended live class
  2. complete live class if you finished the 90-day e-learning


  1. Can lead small groups (up to 10) of coaches or would-be coaches.
  2. Photo on our web-site.
  3. IDEA will help you market your classes
  4. web-site linking

Syntonics Trainer

  1. Advanced Training
    5-day required


  1. May conduct IDEA public or in-house seminars 

  Syntonics Master Trainer

  1. Teach eight groups
  2. Interview with Genie
Can certify trainers who have completed other requirements


JOY or peace at any moment can be interrupted unless you know certain strategies to maintain that even cruise control.  We'll have fun playing around with five new strategies.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to these people, but with judicious decision making and five  options you will be able to find at least one to keep you entertained.

Then you can select the one you want to insert inside the TAG sequence.  TAG is for everyone.  You may be amazed at the difference this one mental shenanigan can make in your emotional climate. 

Here are the secret words denoting the mental shifts available to you.   You could copy these onto a card and carry it in your pocket.
1.  Cross out and replace
2.  "T.M.M"
3.  "That reminds me of a story…."
4.    Picture perfect
5.   Swirl eyes

Remember to play TAG when you use strategies 2 through 5.

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