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Volume 2, Number 6                                         The VAK, est. 1982                                                        Fall 2006

First Video Conference
Our Office arrow to Ottawa, Canada


A few of the participants of
the September Influencing with Integrity class

IWI September
  IwI September
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St. Paul Univ Log
St. Paul Univ.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS were the focus of the video-class for the First Nations of Canada.  Albert Brady assisted Genie in adapting the Influencing with Integrity Skills to this audience.  Jeanette Fraser, the instructor, moderated this class, which was highly interactive.  St. Paul University specializes in Philosophy, Theology, and Human Sciences.  The classes are taught in English and French.

Albert Brady 
Albert Brady
  Several fascinating communication problems were discussed.  The Council members of the First Nations Tribes presented specific situations that needed new strategies.  One memorable challenge was recounted by the Chief of one tribe.  He explained that his people spent 8,000 years as Hunter-Gatherers all across the Canadian Continent.  Then White men came and for the last 150 years, the large numbers of his tribe had been confined to 10 square miles.  I'm not surprised he has to deal with the anger of current members of his tribe.  He asked, "How do I deal with this anger?  What can I say?"
  I answered, "That was then.  This is now.  Being a victim is a lose-lose stance.  You need to find a way to turn their anger into action."
  "How?" He replied.
  "You could begin by asking each member of the tribe to meet with 2 other members.  Each person would write down his/her outcome for the next three months and for the next year in sensory based terms.
  "Then have them meet with other groups of three so nine people agree on an outcome.  Then 27 meet and agree on five outcomes.  Then work out an action plan that will have dates assigned.  Every three months, the groups will meet to determine process.  Anger doesn't solve problems.  Action does."
  Do you, the reader, have a better strategy to offer?  Let us know.  We'll print it in the next issue of The VAK.


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