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In the 32 years we’ve been training Corporate America and lots of individuals in these powerful interpersonal skills, we’ve created many avenues (lectures, University courses, seminars, workshops, Conference presentations, C.D’s, D.V.D’s, books, articles, blogs, live web-site discussions, etc.) to move these ideas from theory to use. Whether you decide to invest your time in a live seminar, a video training or a book, we want you to know your time is well spent. All of our products are guaranteed. If you do not receive more than your money’s worth from any one of our products, send us a message, and we’ll return your money. We believe one unhappy customer is one too many. One of our core beliefs is that learning should be fun as well as profitable for you, and we want you to join in the fun. Choose your product carefully so that it sparks your life. Begin now.