About Us


I.D.E.A. was founded in 1980 to provide training programs in interpersonal skills for business. There were three original founders:  Dr. Genie Z. Laborde has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education, another was a training executive from American Express, and the third was a University of California Linguistics professor.

To partner with industry, institutions and organizations to improve productivity,creativity, efficiency, motivation and work satisfaction through Syntonics training delivery that will result in increased bottom line profits.

To deliver syntonics training using the latest technologies:

    • Internet eLearning management systems.
    • Podcast personal training series for the mobile workforce.
    • Intensive Group training for interactive team building and practice.
    • DVD’s, CD’s and Videos for individual, remote training courses.
    • Audio video webinars for live tutoring content delivery.
    • Books for reference and refreshment of course principles.