eLearning: Influencing with Integrity – 3 Minutes a Day for 90 Days


90 steps to mastery of communication presented  via streaming video.

Included with the 90 day video program is a free copy of Influencing with Integrity, a home study course with a journal for progress reports, and a 20 minute free consultation with Genie.

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Product Description

Now you can have all the benefits of INFLUENCING WITH INTEGRITY ® at your own computer in just three minutes a day.

You will have the ability to:

  • Build relationships quickly
  • Establish rapport and keep it
  • Understand what motivates your customers
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Increase bottom line
  • Increase perceptions
  • Improve decisions
  • Feel good about your job

For a complete description of the course contents, go to the Influencing with Integrity® Page.

This E-Learning program with Streaming Video on your computer gives you these ADDED ADVANTAGES:

  • You do it at your own computer (no travel hassle, inconvenience, and expense)
  • At your convenience.  You pick the time to view the video.
  • It’s just three minutes a day
  • That’s long enough to give you the information you need
  • It’s short enough to fit into your schedule
  • You get the information in one small step each day
  • It’s easy to follow, easy to learn
  • You get to practice each step for a day (or more, if you need to)
  • Over this 90-day course you develop the same set of powerful tools* taught in the three-day Influencing with Integrity® class

Click here to watch the first three-minute module with a focus on balancing your brain.

4.50 out of 5

4 reviews for eLearning: Influencing with Integrity – 3 Minutes a Day for 90 Days

  1. 4 out of 5


    “I find myself using the skills more each day.So far, so good. I like what you are doing.”

  2. 4 out of 5


    “I’m seeing results already…my pacing is better…somewhat like playing tennis. I was rushing everything before. Now I listen, “speak…listen.” I obtained better results on the calls I made yesterday, measurable results! Of the calls completed, the previous week I obtained 57% positive to 43% negative; over the last two days I obtained 69% positive to 31% negative.”

  3. 5 out of 5


    “This class is the E-Learning equivalent of the sit-down real time classroom version of Influencing With Integrity® seminars developed by Dr. Genie LaBorde. I had the opportunity about 10 years ago to take the classroom version here in Rochester. It was by far one of the best (probably the best) classes I had ever taken in my 12 years with IBM at that time. Next month I will have 22 years with IBM. Genie called me about 2 months ago and offered me the opportunity to use the “3 Minutes/Day for 90 Days” E-learning class…

  4. 5 out of 5


    “As an NLP Trainer I would like to offer you some feedback on the 90 day Influencing Skills via computer seminar.
    “I have found them to be very well done. A tremendous amount of effort must have gone into the making of the sessions.
    “They are very easy to follow and for beginners or someone who is relatively new to the skills, they are long enough to give people the experiences necessary to learn, and short enough not to overwhelm them with too much stimuli.
    “Both male and female participants are used across a range of ages so as to tell the student that no matter what your age or gender you can learn. Another point here is that the people in the videos are behaving normally in a relaxed environment that does not look staged, allowing the student to learn how it is done in the real world rather than set up and exaggerated / false.
    “The commentary dialogue complements and supports the visual learning being displayed on screen. Metaphors and symbols intertwine to make learning easier. A good example of this was the use of the visually bright target when talking about setting outcomes and staying focused (as opposed to thinking haphazardly about what you want).
    “Opportunities to practise the new skills using older tapes were given when we could go back and practice what had been done over the previous twelve days. Demonstration of body language relaying win – win was evident when two people were having a conversation (we could not hear the dialogue but could see that one person was saying this is a shared winning opportunity).
    “For me it creates a connection and a comfortable environment to move forward with curiosity and ease. I am enjoying the learning experience.”

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