eBook: 103 Ways to Tap Your Right Brain


Written by Dr. Genie Laborde, Ph.D.

Open Sesame. . . No! No! – Tap Your other brain! This eBook shows how.

  • New Ways to Think
  • You May Already Have Abilities You’ve Never Used
  • Hard to Believe! Peace, Joy, Bliss, Without Drugs
  • New Talents In 90 Seconds
  • Takes Neurolinguistics to a Whole New Level
  • New Data About How Your Brain Works 

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Product Description

Our culture, and this includes you, respects and admires Left Brain thinking.  This is the “level of thinking” of our world.  Logic, analysis, and eloquent language are highly valued.  Knowing lots of facts and being able to recite them in words are impressive skills.  Being able to see the patterns in the past and thus predict these patterns in the future is useful and this usefulness makes Left Brain thinking admired.  No question, the Left Brain computations are useful, but the Left Brain is designed to keep us safe, so when you are using the “level of thinking” of the Left Brain you have to experience anxiety and even fear.  Spotting danger  is hard wired into the Left Brain processing.   Fear is part of the package of Left Brain computing.

We all have a Right Brain too.   The Right Brain doesn’t do  FEAR, so when we are putting our attention here and juggling data in a giant collage, which the Right Brain does beautifully, there is no anxiety at all.  Ever.

We need both brains, and this takes some practice for those of us who grew up in a Left Brain world.   This book gives ideas for how to practice entering the Right Brain and using its computations with joy. The practice time is worth it because our world problems are enormous, and many of them relate to FEAR.  By erasing FEAR and anxiety, we could solve arguments, fights, law-suits, and perhaps, even conflicts and wars.


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