Q: Do you have proof your seminars change people’s behaviors?

A: Yes. Click over to Soft-Skills and call us with any additional questions. You could also purchase Toot Your Own Horn, which is 300+ pages of research on our seminars, if you are interested in research.

Q: Do you have people who have attended your seminar I can talk to?

A: Yes. Call the office and ask for Genie Z. Laborde. She’ll give you names from your industry and arrange for them to accept your call.

Q: Do you have seminars for the public as well as inside corporations?

A: Yes. See our full seminars list.

Q: Do you tailor your courses for specific corporate needs?

A: Yes. We can vary the length (from 1 day and up), to specific course content. We can even brand our materials to support your corporate culture.

Q: Why do you prefer three-day trainings?

A: Because the behavioral changes are more consistent when the participants practice and integrate for three days.

Q: Will you conduct a one-day training?

A: Yes.

Q: How could I get qualified as a trainer?

A: 1. Attend a three-day seminar
2. Attend a five-and-a-half-day Advanced Training
3. Attend a three-day seminar as a potential trainer
4. Teach six modules with a Master Trainer present
5. Teach the final six modules with a Master Trainer to certify you.

Q: Do you hire outside trainers to teach your courses?

A: Yes, sometimes, after they are certified.

Q: What’s the longest relationship you’ve maintained with a client?

A: Fifteen years with both Chase Manhattan Bank and IBM.

Q: Do these seminars actually change people’s behaviors?

A: Yes. See Soft-Skills.

Q: How many I.D.E.A. trainers have you certified?

A: 127.

Q: How many people have completed the Advanced Training?

A: 262

Q: How many people have completed your seminar?

A: More than 50,000. Also, we have sold over 151,000 copies of the principal manual, Influencing with Integrity.

Q: In how many countries have you and the I.D.E.A. trainers taught these seminars?

A: Fourteen: Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, South Africa, England, Germany, Russia, Canada, France, Norway, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the U. S. A.

Q: How do you market your trainings?

A: Word of mouth, booths at ASTD conferences, and the Internet.

Q: Have you been teaching the same thing for 20 years?

A: Some skills, yes, but the audience is more knowledgeable now, so we’ve added advanced skills to the basic interpersonal skills.

Q: Do you really guarantee your trainings?

A: Yes. Since our founding in 1980, we have unconditionally guaranteed all seminars and all products. If a participant notifies us that he/she was not satisfied with the seminar or product we will refund all fees. We guarantee a 10% increase in sales. This refund is made if the participant’s sales do not increase by 10% during the 3 months following the seminar attendance as compared to the 3 months sales prior to attendance. My reasoning behind this guarantee is that our clients report an 18% increase or more.