Customized On-Site Training Solution

Please call us at 650 322-2709 to design the optimal blended learning solution for you.

We custom design a communications and influencing skills program tailored to your organizations needs. We specialize in designing ongoing “blended” (e.g., face-to-face integrated with online resources) training programs which rapidly and effectively improve your organization’s performance from both a culture and revenue perspective.

The programs are taught by I.D.E.A. – Certified instructors who are trained to role-model the myriad strategies and skills that comprise experiential exercises we’ve designed for these seminars. I.D. E. A. instuructors have trained over 50,000 executives, managers, sales specialists in 17 countries.

Our ‘blended’ approach to both seminar and ongoing reinforcement includes live onsite training, daily tasks presented by video, journals, interactive internet presentations, and personal consultations. We certify in-house instructors to train our , Programs. Our material can be adapted for community-building social media, and other educational strategies to insure the key skills are acquired.

Lectures? No

Roleplaying? Yes

Group discussions about future use? Yes

On-going Reinforcement? Yes

We construct custom based programs from across the following expanse of IWI platforms – most clickable:

Most Popular Seminars
• Grow Your Brain
• Negotiation Excellence
• Sales Skills

Complete Seminar List
• Beyond the Job Search
• Conflict Resolution
• Conveying Technical Information Skills
• Customer Service Skills
Coaching for Bankers
Diversity Skills
Influencing with Integrity
Global Communication Skills
Listening Skills
• Leadership
• Leadership Skills for a Crisis
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Mediation and Conflict Resolution
• Negotiation Excellence
• Presentation Skills
• Sales Skills
• Preventing Sexual Harassment
• Potency for Women in the Workplace
• Project Team Skills
• Sensitivity Skills
• Spellbinding For Relationships
• Short Meetings
• TeleSkills
• Team Building

Since our seminars are all process-skills based, rather than content based, and we enjoy finding creative answers, a phone call could begin the discussion for a perfect solution to your challenge. If you are a sales organization, we guarantee a sales increase of 10%.