Many people trudge on, hoping someone, their boss or whoever, will offer to pay them more. This is called wistful thinking or wishful thinking or dreaming with your eyes open.

Regular, normal Psychological principles can help you here. To assist you in remembering the essential steps, here are the 4 or 5 R’s.

1. RESEARCH the salaries of employees other companies with jobs similar to yours. You may not need this but it is a good preparation for the encounter about to come.

2. REVIEW your successes, fix dates and positive gains for your employer from your activities. Any awards?

3. REMEMBER the REWARDS that your boss accrued from any of your efforts. How did he benefit from your duties?

4. REJOICE in your raise or

5. REPLACE your present job for a better one, one that fits your character and talent and personality and ambitions better than the one you have. This may take some time, so be sure you have income to cover the empty spaces.

Two Useful Additional Tips: When you ask for a raise, your action makes it look as if your boss should have already done this, so basically, you are “making him wrong”. This means rapport is difficult to establish. This is the reason you want to be sure he is aware of how he will benefit if you are well paid. Looking out for his well-being will probably establish rapport.

Don’t ask for the first six months or even a year!

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Genie Z. Laborde, Chief Executive Officer of International Dialogue Education Associates, is a recognized leader in the field of communications theory and its practical applications. Since 1980 Genie and I.D.E.A. have successfully trained thousands of executives from hundreds of corporations across 17 countries. She has authored 25 books across 6 languages, produces her own videos and digital content, certifies trainers to conduct her original curriculums, and is developing original television content.

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