The Silicon Valley Mindset


“What makes the area so powerful?….So famous?”

“What is it that causes workers to think of, design and produce gadgets that sell around the world? And even change the world?”

“What motivates these workers?”

When the tourists tour Google, Facebook, Cisco, Oracle, Twitter, Linked In, Apple, etc. they notice the concentration, relaxation, excitement in the air. How can this be? Concentration and relaxation are opposite internal states, mutually exclusive, aren’t they?

Well, no.

“Creativity” is the closest answer to the Silicon Valley Mind Set.
But what exactly is “creativity?”

Good question. Professionals have been asking this since Michelangelo, and even before.

The American Heritage dictionary says creative is “Having the ability or power to create things; characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative.”

But that is not the whole story. After years of being creative (27 books, 6 children, 415 paintings, designing and delivering several hundred human potential trainings) I am not even sure I know the whole story, but here’s a start.

The Silicon Valley Mindset occurs when you tap into your very own Right Brain. All Right Brains collect different data and perceptions from their surroundings then code this data for retrieval in a different way from the Left Brain. Also, the Right Brain deliberates the data in a different way than the Left; thus different decisions are made with what actions to take using the data. Right Brain dominant folks make different decisions than Left Brainers. This leaves these creative folks poised to think differently, act differently, and be both concentrated and relaxed at the same moment.

Want to learn how to do this?

Our culture is 85% Left Brain dominate

That’s why Silicon Valley is worth a tour, worth studying, and worth emulating.

About Genie Laborde

Genie Z. Laborde, Chief Executive Officer of International Dialogue Education Associates, is a recognized leader in the field of communications theory and its practical applications. Since 1980 Genie and I.D.E.A. have successfully trained thousands of executives from hundreds of corporations across 17 countries. She has authored 25 books across 6 languages, produces her own videos and digital content, certifies trainers to conduct her original curriculums, and is developing original television content.
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