Firing Jill Abramson

I subscribe to the New York Times, and have since 1975. My husband and I sometimes discussed our reason for this. We agreed that reading the East Coast version of events inoculated us against a rigid Left Coast (ie. California) viewpoint.

For the last two years, I have watched the delivered paper, lying in our front yard, getting thinner and thinner. I imagined one day, it not appearing at all. This was a depressing thought. I read about the demise of other newspapers as I enjoyed the sophisticated, often creative writing of the news articles in the Times.

Then a few days ago I read that the female Senior Editor has been fired. It seems that she questioned the authorities about whether her salary was commensurate with the salary of the former male editor, Bill Keller. It was under his care that the paper lost money. Jill Abramson had turned the financial picture around in her 2 and one half year leadership. A day after she was fired, the decision makers and employees at the Times say she was paid a similar salary as Bill Keller.

Then why was she fired?

For being “Pushy”? She Pushed the financial picture to $222 million in profit after the “finances degenerated” under the male decision maker, her former boss.

When I read that Ms. Abramson had a “T” tattooed on her back, I felt so punched in the stomach that it surprised me. As a female CEO in business, I am accustomed to being viewed as “not as competent” as the males in similar roles to mine. However, being fired for being outrageously competent but asking for comparable salary is a new situation. The tattooed “T” says too much loyalty and competence together are a liability for females.

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