Need more energy? Try Gestalt Psychology.

I’ve been training a sort of watered down version of Gestalt Psychology to corporations for 33 years. Since the business culture is fairly conservative, I only teach the parts of Gestalt that is easy for the students of our seminars to relate to. This sanitized version of Gestalt Psychologly has attracted more than 50,000 people in 19 countries, so I consider this a good sign.

However, because a friend said he wanted to learn Gestalt, recently I found among my papers, “The ABC’s of Gestalt Psycholoogy.” I wrote this in 1979 when just finishing my doctorate in Gestalt. I realized in scanning this small book that I have left out of my trainings a lot of the good stuff. I left out some of the brain strategies that create such high levels of energy that the person seems to glow. No, NOT seems to, does glow with an inner light that reminds you of the moon glow when the moon is big in the sky. Like a few nights ago.

The glow was represented as halos in Medieval paintings. And regarded as simply a metaphor.

This kind of inner light may not fit into the business culture, but the energy that creates the light is the same energy that solves big problems, keeps you healthy, relates with kindness to others, is the seed of enthusiasm, soaring anticipation, charisma, spontaneous leadership and other sought after human abilities. Why is no one teaching this to employees of corporations and governments?

I would. But you have to ask me to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Genie Laborde

Genie Z. Laborde, Chief Executive Officer of International Dialogue Education Associates, is a recognized leader in the field of communications theory and its practical applications. Since 1980 Genie and I.D.E.A. have successfully trained thousands of executives from hundreds of corporations across 17 countries. She has authored 25 books across 6 languages, produces her own videos and digital content, certifies trainers to conduct her original curriculums, and is developing original television content.
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