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One Great Big War ? Or One Really Small Education Shift?

David Brooks has an article recently on the Editorial Page in the NY Times in which he writes, “Going forward, there probably has to be a global education effort to reduce Sunni and anti-Shiite passions. Iran could be asked to pay a higher price not only for its nuclear program, but for its mischief-making around the region.”

How about instead of asking Iran to pay a higher price, we ask them to pay the small price of training all their citizens in the newly discovered Right Brain capabilities? Each of their citizens already owns a Right Brain, and could be easily taught how to use it. Our cultures, East and West, are mostly Left Brained, which means Fear is always present in the brain computations. In the every day thinking.

Right Brained citizens, on the other hand, want to connect with others, and seldom feel Fear unless they trigger their Left Brain again. Since most violence evolves from Fear, especially wars, we could reduce the incidences of War triggering behaviors just by education, which David Brooks has suggested. I second his idea.

In fact, I can teach you to erase anxiety in 90 seconds. I will even do this free. Anxiety is simply a mild form of Fear. The Right Brain does not “do” Fear.

Any idea how much cheaper teachers are than bombs? Even cheaper by the hour or day or week than chemical weapons.

Our corporation, International Dialogue Education Associates, Inc. is presently in negotiations with agencies of five separate governments to train their citizens in Right Brain (The Problem Solving, Creative Brain) capabilities and if we close these present proposals, we will begin the journey of education instead of war. It saves so much money as well as lives.

The Right Brain just naturally does not want to fight. Nor make mischief. The Right Brain enjoys connecting with other human beings through talk. Curiosity can mitigate hate, quickly, if you have the skills and strategies to use it. These skills and strategies are natural to the Right Brain.

Sounds too simple? We have already trained 50,000 people in 19 countries in these Right Brain strategies.

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