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Rebuttal to “Church of Self” in NY Times June 30, 2013

The main problem with articles by philosophers is that they clearly know so little psychology and how the brain works. The next title of the article is “The Gospel According to Me”. The authors are really down on AUTHENTICITY. Here’s a key sentence to give you the flavor, “IN THE GOSPEL OF AUTHENTICITY, WELL-BEING HAS BECOME THE PRIMARY GOAL OF HUMAN LIFE.”

My contention is that well-being has always been the goal of human life. We simply know more about how to make this happen now than in the past. And the reason we know more is because of authenticity. Knowing ourselves. Knowing our needs and being able to satisfy many of them. How lucky we are to be living in an age of AUTHENTICITY.

What these two authors do not seem to be aware of is that “ME” turns into “WE” quite naturally when you become and remain authentic. They need to steep themselves in Gestalt Psychology and study the actions of human beings instead of long dead philosophers.

There are hundred and even thousands of movements happening right now that are devoted to improving our lives on this planet. Most of these movements were begun with individuals who began with “Me” and moved easily into “We.”

What do you think?

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